Jump Force: 5 Characters That Need To Be Included (& 5 We Hope Never Appear)

Jump Force was quite the surprising reveal for anime fans when it was announced during the Microsoft E3 2018 conference. Its diverse selection of popular Weekly Shonen Jump characters, along with its simple, yet effective fighting system, make it one of the most anticipated games of 2019.

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The game is expected to increase its roster of characters in future DLC. However, while there are tons of anime characters we would like to see, there are some we hope won't be included. Here is a list featuring 5 Characters that need to be included in Jump Force and 5 we hope never appear.  

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10 Never Appear: Bo-Bobo – Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

Bo-bobo, the protagonist of the series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, is one of the weirdest characters to ever appear in Weekly Shonen Jump. As a student of the “Fist of the Nose Hair,” Bo-bobo is a powerful fighter with an eccentric and unpredictable personality. Overall, Bo-bobo is basically a joke character who always seems to get himself into crazy situations.

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However, considering the serious nature of Jump Force's plot, Bo-bobo just does not seem like a good fit. While it would not hurt for the game to include more characters with a sense of humor, there are plenty of other options besides Bo-bobo.

9 Include: Koro-Sensei – Assassination Classroom

If you are a fan of Assassination Classroom, then you no doubt remember everyone’s favorite teacher/legendary assassin. Despite his appearance, Koro-sensei is one of the strongest characters to appear in Weekly Shonen Jump. He possesses a variety of offensive and defensive abilities, such as the ability to fly and move at Mach 20, transform his tentacles into various tools, as well as fire laser beams.

With so many abilities, it would be pretty easy to develop some powerful combos and special moves for Koro-sensei. Another benefit is that he can also provide some light humor during gameplay with funny quips, as well as taunting his opponents.

8 Never Appear: Jaco – Jaco The Galactic Patrolman

Dragon Ball Frieza Drawing Jaco

In addition to his own series in Weekly Shonen Jump, Jaco is also a supporting character in Dragon Ball SuperEven though he helps to fight off Frieza’s army in the events of the Resurrection F saga, Jaco does not contribute much compared to the other Z-Fighters.

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In terms of fighting ability, Jaco’s skills are above average. However, except for his patrol gun, Jaco does not have any other notable skills in the main Dragon Ball canon. Furthermore, Jaco’s popularity is not as high as other Dragon Ball characters. So even if he were included, he would easily be ignored in favor of the series' more popular characters.

7 Include: Toriko

Although Toriko never got much popularity in the west, it is one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s most popular series in Japan. The series follows titular character Toriko, a gourmet hunter who travels the world and fights powerful foes in search of the legendary ingredient known as GOD. He possesses several skills such as superhuman strength, enhanced senses, and the ability to grow stronger by consuming certain rare and delicious foods.

He is so powerful, that he is even capable of keeping up with the likes of both Luffy and Goku. Overall, Toriko is an ideal candidate to add to the Jump Force roster.

6 Never Appear: Senku Ishigami – Dr. Stone

Senku Ishigami, the main protagonist of the Dr. Stone manga, seeks to use his vast scientific knowledge to restore humanity after being imprisoned for thousands of years as stone statues. While popular and hilarious, Senku is not really an ideal choice for Jump Force.

Every single character in the game is a veteran fighter experienced in their own form of physical and/or magical combat. Senku, while highly intelligent, possesses zero combat experience and is physically weaker compared to other characters in Dr. Stone. If anything, he would certainly make for some interesting dialogue as a non-playable character like Light Yagami.

5 Include: Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

One of the major downsides to Jump Force is its lack of female characters. Out of its entire 42-character roster, there are fewer than five women. Thus, the game can make up for this by increasing the number of female fighters that appear in future DLCs.

One particular candidate that comes to mind is Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach. As a former soul reaper captain and expert assassin, she is one of the most powerful women in anime. There is no denying that she would make an excellent addition to Jump Force. Furthermore, players will also be able to see Shihoin use abilities that were only shown in the manga's final arc.

4 Never Appear: Tomura Shigaraki – My Hero Academia

In My Hero AcademiaTomura Shigaraki is a dangerous villain capable of disintegrating people and objects simply by touching them. Regardless of his opponent’s strength or defenses, they will perish if he touches them. He can even spread his disintegration between targets in large groups without having to touch them. In a game like Jump Force, Shigaraki’s ability makes it difficult to integrate him without having him instantly kill opponents.

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The game My Hero One’s Justice is the perfect example of how broken Shigaraki can be. In this game, Shigaraki instantly kills opponents after performing a special skill four times.

3 Include: Yuno – Black Clover

In the first Black Clover popularity poll, Yuno scored in the top five most popular characters. As of the second poll, his popularity now places him amongst the top three.

As the holder of a four-leaf clover grimoire, Yuno is nothing short of a prodigy. Despite his low-born status, Yuno is an exceptionally powerful user of wind magic and Asta’s main rival for the title of Wizard King. Thanks to his connection with the Wind Spirit Sylph, he also has a powerful transformation that parallels Asta’s own demonic form. The possibility of having both Asta and Yuno go all out in a Jump Force battle is just too good to pass up.

2 Never Appear: Kid Goku – Dragon Ball

Young Goku Versus Young Krillin

Kid Goku often appears as a playable character in several Dragon Ball games like Xenoverse 2 and Budokai Tenkaichi 2. However, Jump Force already has quite the selection of Dragon Ball characters, with more rumored to appear in an upcoming DLC.

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In terms of nostalgia, fans of the original Dragon Ball series would certainly enjoy playing as Kid Goku. However, in a game like Jump Force, fans are more likely to prefer characters that are stronger and more popular. After all, if you compare Kid Goku to the likes of Hit, Jiren, or Broly, it's no contest deciding which character is the better choice.

1 Include: Charlotte Katakuri – One Piece

When it comes to One Piece antagonists, very few have made an impact as large as Charlotte Katakuri. As one of the eldest children of the Yonko Big Mom, Katakuri is one of the strongest fighters in the series and has a bounty of over 1 billion beli. He is an expert spearman, has the power of clairvoyance, and can create mochi constructs and limbs imbued with haki to decimate and overwhelm his opponents.

Katakuri is so powerful and charismatic that even Luffy respects and admires him, despite being his enemy. With his power and popularity, Katakuri would undoubtedly rank as one of the top tier Jump Force characters.

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