Jumanji: 10 Movies to Watch with the Cast

With the sequel of this classic reboot coming out in December, 2019, we thought we'd make a list of all of the incredible movies you should watch in the meantime with this brilliant cast. Jumanji: The Next Level will include the core four from the first film, but they're setting out on another adventure. From deserts to mountains, this hilarious and dynamic crew tries again to win at this dangerous game. Since we know you can't wait until December, hopefully these flicks will give you your fill of this incredible cast. Here are 10 movies to binge before December with these famous faces.

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10 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

You know Karen Gillan as the beautiful and badass woman from Jumanji. But where have you seen her before? She's dabbled in quite a few films, but we think her most famous role is Nebula in this Marvel flick. For those of you that didn't know this fun fact, we'll give you a moment to process it. Still, this Marvel movie is quirkier and funnier than any other in the franchise, and we definitely suggest it for lovers of this video-game adventure. Also, of course, for Karen Gillan fans.

9 Tropic Thunder (2008)

This is another cringy action-adventure that is kind of like an adult version of Jumanji. A group of actors are shooting a big-budget war movie, but they end up being forced to become real soldiers.

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Starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and many more, we actually find it a bit weird how similar this ridiculous war comedy is to this upcoming film. Seriously, tune in for more hilarious (and rated-R) Jack Black.

8 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (2019)

Dwayne Johnson has about a million movies to choose from, so we thought we'd pick one of his newest and most comedic roles. We love it when The Rock steers into the skid of his ridiculously large and strong self. This Fast & Furious flick definitely does that, and it also has Jason Statham to make it even more absurd and hilarious. Plus, it'll definitely fill all of your action needs, and the Rock is still pretty badass, but we doubt we have to tell you that. Plus, can you really pass up Idris Elba, Helen Mirren, and Vanessa Kirby? No, you can't.

7 Dumbo (2019)

Danny DeVito is another Hollywood legend, and he plays Eddie in this upcoming flick. While it was impossible to pick his best film, we decided to go with his newest. Dumbo is the live-adaptation of your favorite childhood story, and Danny DeVito has a leading role as Max Medici. This film is tragic, heartwarming, and comedic, and we think it'll give you a little pick-me-up to get you familiar with this legend before Jumanji comes out in December.

6 The Upside (2017)

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston team up for this comedy-drama. A wealthy man with quadriplegia has to hire a caregiver, and the job goes to a previously unemployed man with a criminal record. This movie is absolutely hilarious, but it's also incredibly wholesome and sweet.

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These two are brilliant, and this story has us totally intrigued. You can also find Nicole Kidman in the mix, and we're not sure we need to say anything else. Here's a wholesome and hilarious treat with the wonderful Kevin Hart.

5 School of Rock (2003)

Could we really make a list about Jack Black's films without including this classic? Clearly, we had to add this gem to the list. Jack Black is Dewey Finn, an ex-rock band guitarist who becomes a substitute teacher at a private elementary school. This movie is hilarious, cringy, and totally wholesome. It's about as "Jack Black" as a movie could get, and we definitely think you should re-watch this classic hit before Jumanji hits the theaters in December.

4 Hereditary (2018)

Alex Wolff plays the younger version of Spencer in Jumanji, so he's kind of the lead "real" version of this cast. While the film we're going to talk about is by no means a comedy, we still think it's Alex Wolff's best, and that you should totally watch it for more of his greatness. This horror film is by A24 Studios, and tells the story of a grieving family who can't seem to rid themselves of their haunting tragedy. This movie is dark, disturbing, and one of the best horror films of the decade. If you love Alex Wolff and love horror, look no further. Just prepare to be sufficiently ruined.

3 Goat (2016)

We all know and love Nick Jonas as the heartthrob pop singer, and we're more than happy that he and his bros have reunited. However, Nick has also dabbled in acting, and we actually love him in Jumanji. To prepare for the sequel, we picked this drama to get another fill of Nick.

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After a brutal assault, a 19-year-old enrolls in college alongside his brother. They pledge to the same fraternity, where their loyalty to "brotherhood" is tested to the max. This movie is definitely interesting, and it has all the Nick Jonas you could ever need. You can also catch James Franco in this, and we doubt can you resist these two on screen together.

2 The Rundown (2003)

Again, it was hard to pick The Rock's best flicks, so we chose an underrated, hidden gem that we think everyone should go watch immediately. The Rock is an aspiring chef by day, and a tough-as-nails hit-man by night. He's hired by a mobster to bring home his son from the Amazon. However, the son (Seann William Scott) is searching for treasure and gets mixed up with a powerful operator in the jungle. This movie is hilarious, and it's also action-packed and full of adventure-goodness. Seriously, if you love The Rock and haven't seen this flick, go do it now. Plus, it's also in the jungle, so like, it's practically Jumanji.

1 Ride Along (2014)

Kevin Hart is always blessing our screens with action comedies. To prepare for the sequel to this video-game adventure, the other Kevin Hart movie we suggest is Ride Along. A fun-loving security guard (Hart) must prove himself to his girlfriend's tough and edgy brother, a top police officer (Ice Cube), by joining him on a ride-along in Atlanta. Seriously, we know this flick already sounds hilarious, and we promise it is. It may not be the best movie ever, but we know you'll love it if you're seeking some more classic Kevin Hart humor.

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