Jumanji: Nick Jonas in Talks to Join the Cast

Nick Jonas

The arrival of Universal’s remake of the 1995 Robin Williams-led Jumanji has been a long time coming. While rumors of the film’s imminent arrival have been circulating for years, things really began to gain focus back in 2012. Since that time, the prospects for Jumanji’s future have strengthened, with filming set to begin this fall in Hawaii and a theatrical release aimed for July 2017.

So far the cast of the new reboot/remake is made up of a rather mixed bag of talent. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black are all onboard for a retelling of author Chris Van Allsburg’s award-winning children’s novel, with more surprises likely on their way as principle photography rapidly approaches. As with any upcoming production, rumors persist regarding cast decisions.

The latest casting news comes to us courtesy of Deadline, who are reporting that one-time Jonas Brothers member Nick Jonas is currently in talks for a spot on Jumanji’s roster. Jonas has been making moves toward an acting career as of late, with turns in the recent indie drama Goat as well as roles in a handful of TV series, including Kingdom, Scream Queens and Hawaii Five-O. Should Jonas land a spot amongst Jumanji’s cast, director Jake Kasdan's reboot will mark the young performer’s biggest film to date.

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At present there isn’t much information regarding exactly how this new incarnation of Jumanji will unfold, though Dwayne Johnson – who is also producing the film - has previously stated that the “love and respect” he feels for Robin Williams will manifest itself in the new film, and that Williams' Jumanji character of Alan Parrish will be “forever immortalized” in an “earnest and cool way.” Could Jonas be a contender to play Alan Parrish’s son?

As with every new take on a much beloved film, there are those who would rather that Jumanji wasn’t remade. However, with today’s digital imagery what it is, it’s important to consider that Jumanji's visual effects, at least, could be vastly improved upon. What’s more, the cast that is currently in place is well equipped to deliver both comedy and action, so things are shaping up quite nicely thus far. With the gorgeous shooting location of Hawaii as the film’s backdrop, there are numerous reasons to look forward to Jumanji.

Without any real knowledge of the current film’s plot, it’s impossible to say exactly what role someone like Nick Jonas could potentially play. But his past roles in film and television give credibility to his acting skills. What’s more, this cast has such a degree of experience with films of Jumanji's nature that there is plenty of talent onboard to help mentor a young actor such as Jonas.

Jumanji hits US theaters on July 28th, 2017.

Source: Deadline

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