Jumanji's Dwayne Johnson Wanted the Most Creative Video Game Deaths

The Rock and Kevin Hart in Jumanji 2017

It looks like fans will be seeing plenty of video-game inspired deaths in the upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungleaccording to star and producer Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The film promises to be different from the first by offering a modern take on the popular property. The 1995 Jumanji centered on a magical board game from which wild animals and more nasty threats escaped, wreaking havoc in the real world. But times have changed and kids rarely spend their leisure time sitting around a board game anymore, which is precisely why this new film takes the main characters inside a very dangerous video game.

As for just how dangerous the video game setting is, Johnson recently shared that he and the other protagonists will have a video game-standard three lives, which are signified by tattoos on the characters' arms. Johnson also says that he, along with Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan will all die at certain points throughout the film.

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In an interview with USA Today, Johnson reveals that he wanted to play around with the three-lives concept even during the initial brainstorming stages. He says:

"That first meeting we had, I said, ‘We have this gift of these three lives. What are the most fun, awesome, crazy ways that we can die and audiences are going to love? That just opened up a new level of creativity. That means all of us, you know, um, well, we’re going to go to meet our maker."

Johnson's excitement about the creative process on Jumanji has been well documented, as the action-star spent a great deal of time during the production treating fans to set videos and images of him and the rest of the cast. At the time, though, fans were not privy to some of the information they have now, so watching as Johnson engages in a bar room brawl, while Kevin Hart looks on, takes on new meaning now that we know teenagers are playing the two inside the mystical video game.

That also makes the idea of the avatars dying, and having limited lives, more interesting, too. While it was expected that the film would have some high stakes for the hapless teens who find themselves in the not-so-welcoming jungle, the specifics of their situation should bring some welcome tension to an otherwise fantastical adventure. At any rate, it will be interesting to see what kind of deaths the filmmakers dreamt up for their lead characters.

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Source: USA Today

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