Jumanji Begins Filming; First Cast Photo Released

Dwayne Johnson says Jumanji (2017) is not a reboot

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not only one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right, he's also easily one of the hardest-working. Of course, Kevin Hart is no slouch either; the comedian is keeping busier than ever, even now that he's added three commercial hits to his belt this year alone, with Ride Along 2The Secret Life of Pets and Central Intelligence.

The latter movie paired up Johnson and Hart as onetime high school classmates-turned accountant and CIA agent (in turn), and the duo's real-life chemistry very much shown through on the big screen too. For that reason alone, there's reason to be intrigued by their next collaboration together, in the form of Jumanji. Long believed to be a reboot of the beloved book-turned movie franchise, Jumanji (2017) is now known to be a semi-continuation of the 1995 movie that stars Robin Williams (along with Bonnie Hunt and a young Kirsten Dunst).

In addition to Johnson and Hart, the magical board game/jungle adventure film also stars Jack Black (fresh off the Goosebumps movie adaptation last year) as well as Doctor Who alum and Guardians of the Galaxy costar, Karen Gillan, as its leads. Production on the movie has been gearing up over the past few weeks (since Johnson wrapped up his work on Fast 8), but is now formally underway. To commemorate the occasion, Hart posted the following image to Instagram, showing himself and his three costars dressed in their Jumanji outfits:

Day 1 of shooting "Jumanji" is officially in the can. We had a amazing first day. The chemistry & energy of our cast & crew was beyond amazing!!!! This movie is going to be dope as hell....Can't wait to get back to work tomorrow @therock @karengillanofficial & jack black!!! #Jumanji

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The Rock previously confirmed that his character in Jumanji is named Dr. Smolder Bravestone (by way of concept art), though the names of Hart, Gillan and Black's characters in the film have yet to be revealed. UPDATE: Johnson has revealed that Hart is playing Moose Finbar, Gillan is playing Ruby Roundhouse (The Rock also promised that "Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot") and Black is playing Professor Shelly Oberon.

It's not clear whether the four leads in the new Jumanji movie are ordinary people from the everyday world who get caught up in the jungle when they (unwisely) play the eponymous board game, are jungle adventurers that originated in the actual Jumanji board game - or some other explanation altogether. If the characters are from the Jumanji game itself though, that might explain how the film will go about referencing Alan Parrish (Williams) from the first Jumanji - by, perhaps, having them be familiar with Parrish from his time being trapped in the game, as a way of better honoring the late Williams' legacy.

Johnson, for his part, has made it no secret that he's a lifelong Indiana Jones fan and looks to be finally getting the chance to fulfill his dream of playing a rugged adventurer himself - between his role in Jumanji and next year's Doc Savage movie from director Shane Black, respectively. Jumanji, which has Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher) at the helm, is shaping up to be Johnson's first family-friendly live-action film since Journey 2: The Mysterious Island was released, back in 2012. However, between the movie's nostalgia factor and Johnson's star-power having only increased over the years since then, there's little reason to doubt that Jumanji (2017) won't be at least as successful at the box office as Journey 2 was.

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Jumanji opens in U.S. theaters on July 28th, 2017.

Source: Kevin Hart

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