July 27th Comic-Con Report

I didn't make it to the Warner Bros. panel, but did get to sit in on the presentation for the upcoming direct to DVD Stargate SG-1 movies. On hand was the cast including Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, and Ben Browder along with director Martin Wood and producer Robert Cooper.

There wasn't too much in regards to new info in these panels... mainly they answered questions from the audience.

Gary Jones who played gate operator "Walter" acted as moderator. He was quite engaging and introduced a trailer for Stargate: The Ark of Truth, the DVD movie that will complete the Ori storyline. It looked pretty epic and like they pulled out all the stops.

Then the actors came out to huge applause, the Ben Browder hamming it up for the crowd.

Christopher Judge stated that he will be appearing in the upcoming film Rage of Angels.

Stargate: Continuum did come up in the discussion. Apparently it will have a time-travel theme (which I was not aware of), but Martin Wood wouldn't divulge anything more than that about it, however Robert Cooper stated the Baal will be the villain on the new stand alone DVD movie.

They said that the production values are much higher on the movies than on the TV series, and that they hope to do more movies beyond these two if they do well.

The Stargate: Atlantis panel included David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan and Jewel Staite (from Serenity).

Someone asked whether the show could go for 10 years, and a rep from Sci Fi channel said that people need to watch the show without using Tivo but watch it as it is broadcast instead. Personal note: Sorry, not gonna happen. Networks need to find a way to track viewership of time-shifting viewers. It's not like Tivo doesn't have detailed data on that.

Not much given away about next season and no preview clips of any kind.

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