'Dexter' Star Joins Desperate Houswives; 'Southland' Star Joins True Blood


Got some TV news updates about some of your favorite small screen stars who for will be shifting shows this year:

First we have word that Dexter star Julie Benz will be joining up with another bunch of psychotics - ones with much better wardrobes. Also, we have word that a star of the recently resurrected Southland will also be finding new life amongst the freaks of True Blood.


Julie Benz has been a fan-favorite as the love-interest of serial killer-killer Dexter, but [SPOILER ALERT] after her character Rita's shocking murder at the end of the season 4 finale, people have been wondering where Benz will next appear onscreen [END SPOILERS].

The answer: Wisteria Lane.

That's right, Julie Benz will have a reoccurring role on ABC's Desperate Housewives. Benz will play a stripper who has a master's degree in education (don't they all :-P ) and gets a chance at the straight and narrow life when Susan (Teri Hatcher) tries to "save" her. Although, getting involved with the girls of Wisteria lane is rarely a good idea...



We've been reporting on True Blood season 3 casting news non-stop in recent weeks, and now we have another name to add to the list. Kevin Alejandro (of Southland fame) will be joining the inhabitants of Bon Temps, playing Jesus, a Latino nursing home orderly charged with caring for Ruby Jean Reynolds, the mother of fan-favorite Lafayette Reynolds.

Sparks will reportedly fly between Jesus and Lafayette - we'll see how momma Reynolds (who will be played - ironically enough - by Desperate Housewives alum Alfre Woodard) handles the situation.

No worries though, Southland fans, Alejandro isn't leaving the show - the respective shooting schedules are allowing him to do some double-duty acting.

That's it for TV news. Check back with you soon.

Sources: THR & Entertainment Weekly

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