Julie Andrew’s 10 Best Movies (According To IMDb)

Actress Julie Andrews has been in many beloved and successful films. We're taking a look at her greatest movies according to their IMDb ratings.

Julie Andrews began her acting career as a child in the '40s and she remains one of the most beloved actresses around. She started by acting and singing in West End and Broadway productions, and it wasn't long until she was also taking on TV roles. In 1964, she made her feature film in debut in a little movie called Mary Poppins. You might have heard of it. Today, the actress continues to show up in films, having most recently voiced a menacing sea creature in Aquaman. To celebrate her long and incredible career, we thought we'd look at all of Andrew's best films. Rather than picking our own favorites though, we decided to turn to IMDb for answers.

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The popular movie and TV show website has assigned every one of Andrews' feature films a star rating. These scores, on a scale of 1 to 10, are based on the votes of registered users. This is what we'll be using to stack Andrews' films in line. With that said, it's time to put your phone on silence and pull out that popcorn. Here are Julie Andrews' best movies according to IMDb.

10 Thoroughly Modern Millie (6.9)

This 1967 musical rom-com follows an innocent young flapper named Millie who sets out to do two things: become a stenographer for a wealthy businessman and then become his wife. This leads Millie on an over-the-top adventure fueled by naivety.

Though Andrews took on the leading role, names including James Fox, Jimmy Bryant, and Mary Tyler Moore backed her up. The film's energy, life, and pacing had it bringing in positive reviews from critics.

9 Enchanted (7.0)

More recently, Andrews served as a narrator in the Disney tale about a princess named Giselle (Amy Adams) who stumbles out of her fairytale land and into the reality of New York City. Here, she meets a divorce attorney (Patrick Dempsey) who hopes to send her home to her prince (James Marsden). As Giselle spends more time in the real world, however, she starts to reconsider what she wants in life.

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Being that the film was jam-packed with Disney references, Andrews was perfect for the role having formerly played Queen Clarisse Renaldi in The Princess Diaries and, as aforementioned, Mary Poppins.

8 Aquaman (7.0)

 Andrews' most recent role was in the 2018 DC Comics film Aquaman.

Starring Jason Momoa, Aquaman tells the tale of the titular character who attempts to regain control of the kingdom of Atlantis and defeat his half-brother King Orm, who hopes to bring the ocean together in a fight against the land. Andrews voiced a leviathan creature named Karathen. She holds the Trident of Atlan and eventually allies with the film's hero.

7 The Pink Panther Strikes Again (7.2)

This British-American comedy film, which debuted in 1976, is the fifth installment in The Pink Panther series. Picking up three years after the conclusion of The Return of the Pink Panther, Inspector Clouseau is suspended by Chief Inspector Dreyfus after a robbery happens under his watch. However, when the Pink Panther diamond is taken from the National Museum in Lugash, Clouseau is recruited for the case.

Andrews provided the singing voice for Ainsley Jarvis, who at one point, impersonates a woman in a nightclub.

6 Shrek 2 (7.2)

Shrek 2 continues the fairytale comedy franchise with Shrek and his new wife, Fiona, returning from their honeymoon to meet her parents. News flash: King Harold and Queen Lillian are not pleased to learn that their daughter has married an ogre. While John Cleese provided the voice of the king, Julia Andrews took on the role of the queen.

The film ultimately received many positive reviews as well as additional sequels and spin-offs.

5 The Americanization Of Emily (7.4)

This black-and-white dark romantic comedy tells the story of the cowardly Lt. Cmdr. Charles Madison who refuses to go on shore during World War II's D-Day. It doesn't help that he's been assigned to be part of the vanguard. As the events lead up to this day, the British woman Emily Barham, whose father, husband, and brother died at war, becomes fascinated by Madison and his American lifestyle.

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While James Garner played Madison, Andrews took on the role of Barham. Andrews cited the film as one of her favorites to have acted in.

4 Victor Victoria (7.6)

This 1983 British-American musical tells of a soprano named Victoria who has difficulty finding work in nightclubs in Paris during the 1930s. Victoria ends up meeting a cabaret performer who becomes her manager and shows her off as a man impersonating a woman. While this act blows up, the secret behind it threatens to put an end to it at any moment.

While Julie Andrews plays the leading lady, Rober Preston plays her manager. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards, ultimately winning the one for Best Original Score.

3 Despicable Me (7.6)

Despicable Me tells of a supervillain, Gru (Stever Carell), who embarks on his biggest endeavor yet. His goal: to steal the moon. Things get a little complicated, however, after Gru accidentally adopts three young girls.

Julie Andrews voices Marlena, who is Gru's mother. She is constantly unimpressed with all of her son's schemes, no matter how hard he tries to impress her. This original comedy animation was loved enough to launch an entire franchise.

2 Mary Poppins (7.8)

Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins

Julie Andrews took on the role of a magical British nanny in this 1964 Disney musical. Mary Poppins ends up becoming the caretaker of two children in London, Jane and Michale Banks.

Based on the book created by P.L. Travers and featuring songs written by the iconic Sherman Brothers, the film became an instant classic. A sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, was later released in 2018. However, this time, Emily Blunt took on the titular role.

1 The Sound Of Music (8.0)

HorrifyingMovies - Sound Of Music

Topping off the list is the 1965 musical romance about a young nun who ends up becoming the governess of seven children who live together under the rule of their father, The Captain, at a manor. Though she spends much of her time instructing the children in music, she also begins to fall for The Captain.

The beloved tale ended up winning multiple Academy Awards including that of Best Picture. With Julie Andrews' beautiful voice and charisma taking over the leading role, it's no wonder the film remains appreciated today.

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