Deadpool 2 Soundtrack Listing Seems to Confirm Appearance by [Spoiler]

Warning: This post contains potential SPOILERS for Deadpool 2

New evidence from Deadpool 2's soundtrack appears to confirm that X-Men villain Juggernaut will appear. After finding great success in a less-competitive February slot, Fox showed a lot of confidence in Deadpool's sequel by placing it in the heart of the summer season. Considering the first film grossed over $780 million worldwide, the confidence should be well-placed. Ryan Reynolds made Deadpool a major star, and he's brought a bunch of friends along for the sequel.

The biggest get was Josh Brolin as Cable, a character that was teased to be included in Deadpool's post-credits scene. Zazie Beetz also joined as Domino, and a number of surprise castings were made to fill out the first version of the X-Force. With the cast significantly larger than the first movie, it now looks as though a villainous character was included too in secret.

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The soundtrack for Deadpool 2 was recently made available and it's the lyrics to one particular song that appear to confirm that Juggernaut is in the movie. As revealed by Slashfilm, during the song "You Can’t Stop This Mother F*****," the lyrics reveal who the song is titled after.

You can’t stop him. He’s the Juggernaut. You can’t stop this mother f*****.

Juggernaut in flames X-Men

Juggernaut being included in Deadpool 2 has been teased briefly in the marketing too, which could make this line the final piece of confirmation that Cain Marko is going to appear. Fans previously spotted Colossus punching a rounded figure and what looks to be a heat signature matching Juggernaut's look in earlier promos. As the above lyric implies, Juggernaut's powers make him nearly impossible to stop once he picks up any sort of momentum. If that is indeed Juggernaut who Colossus is fighting in the trailers, there's not a great chance he'll successfully stop Marko in his tracks.

Fans of the X-Men franchise have previously seen a version of Juggernaut appear in X-Men: The Last Stand. In that version, Vinnie Jones played the character. There's so far been no word on who is playing this new version of the character, but we can't totally discount the idea of Jones reprising the role either to give him another chance to get the character right while also giving Deadpool a chance to make fun of another X-Men movie. If it isn't Jones, there were reports of Jack Kesey being cut from the film. His role was reported to be Black Tom Cassidy, but we've yet to see him in the trailers. It is possible he is a villain still, but possibly playing Juggernaut instead. There's also the chance someone completely new could play the part too, or maybe even Peter W. gains the abilities during his first adventure. We'll just have to see whether or not Juggernaut is in the movie and who plays him when Deadpool 2 is released next week.

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Source: Slashfilm

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