Judge Dredd TV Show Concept Art: Welcome Back to Mega-City One

Judge Dredd

Two pieces of Judge Dredd TV series concept art have arrived online, welcoming fans back to the sprawling metropolis of Mega-City One. This follows the news that Karl Urban is in talks to appear in the 2000-AD-inspired series, reprising his role from the fan-favorite 2012 comic book film adaptation, Dredd.

This TV series sprung to life after screenwriter Alex Garland admitted that a Dredd sequel is looking unlikely. The show is apparently still two years away from being released, but pre-production work is clearly pressing ahead. As those attempts to bring Urban on board continue in earnest, artists are getting to work on crafting the visual language of the show.

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IGN has now shared two pieces of concept art by Jack Eaves, both of which look highly impressive. Although the focus is on locations rather than iconic jaw-lines, fans will still find plenty to analyze here. For one thing, these images prove that there’s no shortage of ambition on this project. The exterior landscape image, titled ‘Democracy March’, showcases a particularly massive sense of scale:

The biggest takeaway here, arguably, is that Mega-City One is looking futuristic and absolutely huge. This could mean that the series is seeking to eschew the ‘stick to one location for as long as possible’ budget-saving tactic utilized by Dredd. That would certainly be a way to make this project seem unique, although a bigger budget would be needed to pull it off.

However, it’s also worth noting that the second image - titled ‘Lowlife Arrival’ - is set in a far dingier location. This graffiti-covered street is a far cry from the beautiful skyline of the other image. The criminal element of the city will surely operate in grungy locales more like this, providing a stark contrast to the sci-fi settings found elsewhere in the show. Also, fans of the Dredd comics will remember that ‘Low Life’ was an arc in which a band of judges ventured into the slums of the city. Perhaps a similar mission will play out in the series?

All of this makes sense. It’s been suggested that Mega-City One will be the title of this series, and that decision would be justified if the city is explored in greater detail here than it ever has been before. The contrast between shining penthouses and grim lower levels could provide plenty of powerful imagery for viewers to digest, as well as serving up something a bit different to the Sylvester Stallone and Karl Urban movies that came before.

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Judge Dredd: Mega City One doesn’t have a release date yet.

Source: IGN

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