'Dredd': Karl Urban Talks Sequels, Removing the Helmet & the 'Big Lie'

Karl Urban Talks Dredd Sequels

When writer Alex Garland was asked about the possibility of a sequel to the upcoming reboot Dredd, his response included everything from talk of a trilogy, to what potential villains and heroes he would like to see in future Dredd films. Unfortunately, Alex Garland has quite a busy schedule coming up, and would most likely not be able to see his vision of the Dark Judges or Satanus come to fruition.

One member of the Dredd production that will hopefully be involved with the property in the future - if it proves successful - is Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban. Urban has been a staple of the sci-fi and fantasy film genres for quite some time – starring in everything from Lord of the Rings to Star Trek – but it's Dredd that many fans hope will push him further into the role of action star.

Speaking with IGN, Urban delivers a few hints as to where he would like to see future Dredd films go, and it's quite a unique counterpoint to the types of ideas Garland was looking to explore. Rather than delve deeper into the IPC Media's comic rogues gallery, Urban wants to further explore the psyche of Judge Dredd – an obvious choice given he plays the character.

Urban only briefly mentions what that exploration might entail – saying that he'd like to see Dredd question the "big lie" – but it's certainly exciting territory for longtime fans. In the 2000 AD comics, the "big lie" is the belief that the Judges know what's best for humanity. Their role as judge, jury, and executioner is one of the more unique qualities of the Dredd storyline, but it also becomes a source of internal conflict for the character of Judge Dredd.

Unable to deal with the "big lie" any longer, Dredd takes what is known in the comics as the "long walk" – a form of exile whereby a judge relinquishes their title and leaves Mega-City One. However, Dredd can't keep from protecting Mega-City One for too long, especially after the Dark Judges start bringing their own form of justice. There are some of the same elements Garland talked about exploring contained within the concept of the "big lie," but Urban contextualizes them with the character of Dredd, rather than the exciting story beats audiences look forward to.

Obviously in order to see this storyline through properly, we would hope that Urban had a few more Judge Dredd films under his belt - a proposition he is wholly prepared for. Though, if this film were to be a "one-off" and exist simply as a cult-classic, the actor says he would be "okay" with that too.

Judge Dredd Breaching Room

In addition to talk of future storylines, Urban also gave his thoughts on the idea of Dredd removing his iconic helmet somewhere down the road. Though the fact Dredd's mysterious identity is a major selling point for the first film, the actor says he can see the character removing the helmet at some point in the future. But, in order to preserve the spirit of the comics, Urban hopes that some part of his (Dredd's) face would remain hidden.

With only ten days left until the release of Dredd in theaters, comic book fans are chomping at the bit to see how the cast and crew portray the classic character. Trailers for the film have done their best to set the film apart from the 1995 Sylvester Stallone vehicle, but shaking that memory is going to be easier said than done.

Dredd releases in theaters on September 21, 2012.


Source: IGN

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