'Dredd' Images Feature A Meaner & Dirtier Judge Dredd

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Director Peter Travis' Dredd - a reboot of the Judge Dredd franchise - is the one comic book flick due to hit theaters in 2012 that we've yet to see any actual footage from. Early set pics and images of star Karl Urban as the titular "Street Judge" have teased a film that's more stylishly unpolished than the 1995 Judge Dredd adaptation starring Sylvester Stallone, but that's the only "proof" of Dredd being a darker take on the property.

Today, however, we have a handful of new official Dredd stills that do very much support the notion that Travis' film will be a much more gritty, darkly violent, and unvarnished cinematic treatment of Judge Dredd creator John Wagner's original vision.

Dredd doesn't have the benefit of big-name stars; rather, it is being sold on the merits of its fan-favorite cast and crew, which includes not only Urban (a Lord of the Rings and Star Trek alumnus), but also Games of Thrones starlet Lena Headey as the film's ruthless villain and Juno's Olivia Thirlby playing Dredd's apprentice. Likewise, Dredd also boasts a screenplay penned by 28 Days Later... and Sunshine scribe, Alex Garland.

Headey as the scarred Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal is nowhere to be found in the new batch of Dredd pics. However, these images do provide another a preliminary look at Urban and Thirlby's onscreen counterparts in action, cleaning up the crime-riddled streets of Mega-City One.

Check out those Dredd images in the gallery below:

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As you can see, everything from Dredd's worn-out uniform to the chipped walls and low-grade surroundings that make up the more desolate regions of MC1 definitely have a more unrefined and down n' dirty feel than the comparatively glistening image of the futuristic metropolis, as presented in the 1995 Judge Dredd flick. Dredd should also benefit from not having certain added elements present in the Stallone version (ex. Dredd being paired with a comic relief sidekick).

Dredd clearly won't shy away from including the generally emotionless outlook and ruthless philosophy of the Judge Dredd character's comic book incarnation, unlike the relatively "softer" and more empathetic Stallone iteration. However, those who were hoping that Dredd might also embrace the satirical elements that are often (but not always) present in the original comic books - well, for better or for worse, there's no indication of that being the case, so far.


Expect a teaser trailer for Dredd to drop in the foreseeable future, seeing how the film is slated to hit theaters in the U.S. on September 21st, 2012.

Source: 2000 AD

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