Judd Apatow To Produce A Horror Movie?

What do you think of immediately when you see the name Judd Apatow?

Comedy, right? Well that may change slightly as it looks like surprisingly, he has his sights set on producing a horror flick.

Comedy actor and Apatow regular Bill Hader revealed in an interview recently that he and his Saturday Night Live partner Simon Rich have written a screenplay for a slasher movie for Apatow to produce.

What would an Apatow-produced slasher film from Rich and Hader be like? Says Bill:

"It's partially Straw Dogs meets Halloween meets Home Alone meets Monster Squad.' It's hard to argue against that."

"I don't know if it's even going to get made, Judd met with us and said 'I want to do a horror movie with you. I want to see you in a slasher movie.'"

Although there's little doubt this would probably end up being a horror and a comedy (considering Hader compared it to Home Alone), nonetheless it sees Apatow branching out, if only somewhat, into an unknown genre for him. He's known for such hits as Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin but if this turns out well will we now see a new entire set of films that will venture down the very different horror genre road?

I'm not as much of a fan of Apatow as most people are - I loved The 40 Year Old Virgin but wasn't so thrilled with the likes of the mentioned Knocked Up and particularly Superbad (which I think is one of the most overrated comedies of the last few years). But what I have noticed about the work he's been attached to is the films almost always work out better if he just oversees the project as producer and creator of the basic storyline, letting others pen the script and direct (a strong example of this was Pineapple Express, one of his absolute best films).

I actually am looking forward to seeing how this turns out (if it actually gets made, that is) - just the words Judd Apatow attached to the word horror has me intrigued right off the bat. But will his inexperience in the genre hinder him? It's entirely possible but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, if nothing else to see how he gets on with it.

But what about you - do you think Apatow can make a good job of a horror film or should he just stick to the world of comedy?

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