Journeyman - A Time Traveling Show

But will Journeyman travel forward in time, keeping us enthralled enough to stay on the tube? Only time will tell. (I can't believe my fingers just typed that!)

Some years ago (That's like, back in time!), Seven Days made a bid at time travel being used to fix problems, but Journeyman, staring Kevin McKidd (HBO's Rome) as Dan Vasser, will be fixing personal issues as opposed to government issues, I've been led to believe.

Dan Vasser is a newspaper reporter who gets thrown back to various times within his own life. He has no control over this little issue, (like hiccups!), and that’s going to drive me crazy, but when ever he ends up, he finds purpose in missions to change the future by affecting others personal lives from the past. (Dude, that’s a lot of responsibility. What if he steps on ‘that’ butterfly? Some of you know what I mean!)

NBC is focused on creating clarity (With time travel??) with the story lines so we can follow along. I’m thinking as long as they only have at most, 2 time lines in play to track, I should be ok, but egads, why don’t we leave the time travel to the experts with the warp engines and transporters?

Apparently though, the first episode is going to throw many plot lines at us, but they’re doing this to get us right in the thick of the confusing story lines, that, can probably be erased as our time-teleporter pops back and forth.

Thanks for taking the ... time ... to read this snippett.Journeyman will premiere Sept. 24 and air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.NBC's Journeyman site.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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