Indie Darling Journey Gets Surprise iOS Release

Journey's desert and ruins

Journey, the beloved indie classic developed by thatgamecompany, has suddenly been released on the iOS App Store today. This follows the game's recent launch on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive in June of this year.

Originally released as a downloadable PlayStation 3 game back in 2012, Journey quickly became one of the most highly acclaimed indie titles ever made. The game's minimalistic yet gorgeous visuals, impeccable musical score, and uniquely brilliant implementation of multiplayer endeared it to many players and critics. It has been re-released multiple times over the years, including a PS4 port and physical collections that bundle it with thatgamecompany's other titles. Fans who don't own PlayStation consoles have been requesting that Journey come to other platforms for a long time, and it was finally ported to PC only two months ago. Apparently, that's not the only new platform getting a port of the game.

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In a post on their official website, thatgamecompany abruptly announced that Journey is now available on iOS via Apple's App Store. This version of the game costs $4.99 for iPhone and iPad and includes an all-new touch-responsive control scheme. Online multiplayer is still a major feature of the game, integrated through Apple's Game Center. The developer says this port is another step in bringing Journey to a wider audience, partnering with Annapurna Interactive once again to "spread the joy Journey has already brought to so many."

Journey iOS

In addition to Journey, thatgamecompany has been increasingly keen on making games for mobile devices in the recent past. The developer's newest title, Sky, is currently a free iOS exclusive with in-app purchases. The game will be coming to Android in the near future, while the PC and console versions will arrive later. Annapurna Interactive and thatgamecompany have also teamed up before in order to get Flower on iOS, which was also a former PlayStation exclusive.

Many successful indie games have been ported to as many platforms as possible over the years, making excellent titles such as Into the Breach and Dead Cells as widely accessible as they can be. Journey is just the latest example, finally fulfilling the desires of those who have been clamoring for it to be available on platforms other than PlayStation. It's good to know that this remarkable game can now be experienced by many more people than before, and thatgamecompany will be able to gain greater exposure and revenue for their work.

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