Joss Whedon: Dollhouse & Thoughts On The New Buffy Project

Alan Tudyk is on ABC's redo of V and isn't immediately available to work on Dollhouse. As for Amy Acker, she is on ABC's Happy Town.

What's up with that?  My guess is that the actors were accepting gigs when the renewal chances of the show seemed bleak.  Especially if you considered how much fan support was evident for the return of The Sarah Connor Chronicles over Dollhouse, and yet Fox made a surprise decision when they renewed Dollhouse.

Joss says that Alpha is part of the equation and he just has to wait until Tudyk is available a little bit later.

I think it's a shame that Alpha isn't going to be a full time part of the story.  That was an incredible episode when the deadly and deranged Alpha did show up.  But as the saying goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."  It will be very interesting and no doubt met with great anticipation to see when Alpha does show up again.

As far as Acker goes, Whedon's hoping to work out a time-share set up with ABC for her.

That too would be awesome since they dropped a bombshell on us last season about her.  (Nope, not gonna spoil the DVD viewers -  You'll just have to watch.)

Thoughts On Season 2

Whedon said that he is really proud of the 2nd half of the first season (Is that a subtle shot at FOX's manipulation of the episodes?) and that they're expanding on what happened in the 2nd half of that season for season 2.

The 2nd season will be seeing Echo wanting to find out more about Caroline, but Echo will also have a "weird super power" where she can become a different person.  I presume that means she can tap into different personality skill sets when the situation calls for it.  That would be cool, if my guess is right.

Joss On The New Buffy Project

During the interview with Entertainment Weekly they touched on the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer project.  Joss indicated that the producers from the project reached out to his agent after the reboot announcement.

Joss thinks that this new project is "something better left untouched by me.  So I wish them luck."

Ouch.  Did he just diss their project with the best professional smoothness ever?

I like the fact that Joss doesn't feel desperate enough to latch onto something just for the sake of past success.  He's got plans and has faith in his plans.  At least, that's what I'm seeing.

The real bad news for the project is that Entertainment Weekly held a poll and only 3% of the respondents were inclined to see the new project if Whedon was not attached.

It seems that Kuzui Enterprises may have tread on a type of holy-ground when they dared to ponder moving forward without Whedon.

In Recap

I think it's great news that Reaper creators Fazekas and Butters are on board the writing staff.  Despite both Tudyk and Acker landing roles in other series', I  hope everything can be worked out to get them both back on the show.  I feel it's imperative, considering recent developments of their characters.

It also sounds like season 2 of Dollhouse is going to kick some serious derriere.  That is, if Fox can resist the urge to muck with things.  They've proven time and time again that they aren't savvy enough to understand a fanbase of a program and they need to let the fans take care of their show.

And personally, I think it looks like the Buffy The Vampire Slayer project is on its own.  They might as well shelve the project now and move on with something else until they come to their senses.

Thanks for coming by.  Your thoughts on anything Whedon are always welcome here on Screen Rant.

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