Joss Whedon On Dollhouse, Cabin In The Woods & Goners

Joss Whedon chatted with Sci Fi Wire about a few things, all of which I've been looking forward to: Dollhouse, season 2.  The Cabin in the WoodsGoners.

Joss said that in the premiere of Dollhouse's second season, we'll get to see Echo cycle through a few imprints during an assignment.  I can't say anymore of what I do know without possible SPOILERS.  So we'll leave it at that.

As for being left alone by Fox to do what he wants with Dollhouse?  Joss says he's afraid to be alone (joke) but that the show is finally more of the collaborative effort between creator and network that it's supposed to be.

On Alexis Denisof coming to Dollhouse:

Oh, didn't we mention that before?  If you remember, they made note of it at Comic-Con.  Alexis Denisof is coming on board to play a politician whose looking into Rossum.  (The corporation that runs the Dollhouse.)

It will be awesome to see Denisof on screen again...  it's been too long and he's been too quiet.

On Summer Glau Coming To Dollhouse:

We'll be seeing Summer somewhere around episode 5, working for the Dollhouse - and she won't be a killing machine, a bit different from what we're used to seeing.

On The Cabin In The Woods:

Right now they're talking about what to show in a trailer for a movie that they've been so secretive on the details about.

Should be interesting, considering the posters that have been out give me a feel of snarky, slapping-the-genre-in-the-face kind of feel for the movie... so far.

And the biggest question I've had for a long time: 

What About Goners?

All Joss said was that he needs Universal to release Goners so it can be free "into the wild."  I'm guessing we have rights issues despite many many people wanting Goners see the light of day.

I've been hovering.  Very quietly, but hovering over the entire Internet... Every day, waiting for a constructive peep about Goners.  A day doesn't go by when I look for any tidbit of news.  Sigh.

Joss wrote this fantasy thriller spec script that treads on a similar turf that Buffy and Angel did.  Unfortunately, Universal Pictures paid a 7 figure sum for the rights.  I'm not sure we're going to be seeing the rights run free anytime soon for that kind of money.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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