If Joss Whedon Had Done Batman

Wow, what a crazy combination of fans. Take Joss Whedon and his Joss-Verse fan craze and combine that with the Batman fan following and I think we would have seen quite an explosion across both worlds.

Before Christopher Nolan got the nod to reboot the Batman mythos, Joss Whedon had pitched his own idea for the next film for the Caped Crusader to Warner Bros!

When Warner Bros was developing the new take, he admits his version was a bit less epic and more Gotham City centric. We'd watch Batman's progression within the city, though it had the same vibe as Batman Returns.

The bigger twist, or the originality we've come to expect of Joss Whedon, was that that bad guy in his version was not a known commodity. It would have been a new bad guy that was more along the lines of a Hannibal Lector type. Someone who Bruce Wayne had studied under at Arkham Asylum.

He surmises that his bad guy was probably why he didn't get the nod.

Ever gracious, he gives the nod to Christopher Nolan and the fantastic job he's done with the franchise,

“I just love the respect [Nolan has] for the character and the world,” he said. “I thought Christopher Nolan’s done an amazing job of bringing out the comic book, and I see a lot of movies [coughs “HULK”] — sorry, I had a Hulk stuck in my throat — that don’t really have the aesthetic or the pathos or really get why the comic book works.”

He's still stuck on the idea and even dropped the notion that he might still do a comic version of his idea. If DC Comics is reading, or listening, I'd say give the man a call. You can't go wrong just chatting with him.

The idea of Joss Whedon having a crack at Batman is mind blowing. That would have been a very different, yet familiar story. He's an admitted life long comic book fan and would have paid proper homage to the franchise. I'm sure of it.

Or we might have seen Batman: The Vampire Slayer and he probably would have had an uneasy alliance with Spike. Either way, the cool potential I think would have been pretty high for many. (Whoa, that's one heck of a team up I just had fly from my typing fingers!)

Source: Much thanks to MTV for the cool interview.

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