Fantastic Four Director Trolls Fans With Idea for Snyder Cut/Trank Cut Double Feature

Josh Trank suggests his cut of Fantastic Four and Zack Snyder's Justice Legaue for a double feature. There's no blatant similarities with the two films, understandably confusing fans other than both being superhero movies. However, looking closer, there may actually be some parallels between them.

Almost two years since Warner Bros. and DC's superhero film, it's relevant as ever with fans relentlessly supporting the Release the Snyder Cut campaign. This movement, which began shortly after the film hit hit theaters, demands that Warner Bros. release the original cut of the movie with Junkie XL's (the original composer before Danny Elfman stepped in) intended musical score. No indication so far that the studio is planning to heed to the petition, but that doesn't stop those pushing for the cause. Meanwhile, although Fantastic Four doesn't have a similar campaign going for it, the 2015 film may actually have a never-before-seen director's cut as well. This was implied by Trank and backed up by Doctor Doom actor Toby Kebbel in 2016.

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Three years later, Trank seems to be revisiting the idea with a recent tweet trolling fans with a potential Justice League Snyder Cut and his version of Fantastic Four. In the surprising social media post that, the filmmaker said to "Lure everyone to a massive theater" and play the said iterations of the films back-to-back. He even included Jerry Lewis' equally if not more mysterious The Day The Clown Cried film - a project marred with controversy that ended up not being released. Most of the fans in the comment section are indulging Trank with their responses although it's clearly a joke. Check out this tweet below:

It's curious what prompted Trank's recent social media post. He's largely stayed away from talking about his critically-panned Fantastic Four movie, and has even poked fun at it in the recent past. There's no clear trigger on his tweet, although it's generating new buzz around its supposed director's cut. While it didn't go through any director switch in the middle of production like Justice League did (Snyder had to step down paving the way for Joss Whedon to man extensive reshoots and post-production that drastically changed the story), it's not without its own woes during filming. There was reported conflict between the filmmaker and Fox, as well as studio mandate to change pivotal parts of his original work.

Unlike Fantastic Four's chances of getting Trank's cut, fans have arguably better odds to see Justice League's Snyder Cut. In the last recent months, people involved in the film have confirmed the existence of the said iteration including Snyder himself. With fans relentlessly calling for its release, not to mention the support it's getting from prominent figures like Ray Fisher who played Cyborg in the movie, Warner Bros. may finally cave in and roll out the much-clamored cut.

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Source: Josh Trank

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