Josh Trank Redacts Fantastic Four From Filmography On Instagram

Josh Trank redacts his 2015 Fantastic Four movie from his filmography on Instagram by hiding the film's name behind asterisks.

Things have somehow got even worse for 2015's Fantastic Four as even director Josh Trank has decided to disown the much-maligned movie.

Trank' Fantastic Four was supposed to reinvent the superhero team after 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, with a younger cast of actors. But the attempt at a gritty origin movie failed to strike a chord with audiences. Fantastic Four is largely regarded as one of the worst superhero movies of all-time, with even the cast members like Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell trying to erase it from their memories. Now, Trank is trying to scrub the box office dud from existence as well, but not so literally.

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With only two movies to his name, Trank's Instagram biography lists his filmography as Chronicle, the upcoming Fonzo, and a series of asterisks that stand in place for Fantastic Four. While he may be trying to forget that Fantastic Four ever happened but not go as far as to strike it from existence, Trank's use of asterisks may be interpreted as him calling out 20th Century Fox for making all sorts of changes to his theatrical cut, thereby redacting the film's title.

Fantastic Four 2015 Miles Teller Michael B. Jordan

The cast have all moved on from Fantastic Four and were eventually released from their contracts for a proposed sequel. Only recently, Michael B. Jordan, who played the Human Torch in Trank's movie, made his mark as another comic book character with his acclaimed performance as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. The stars may have managed to dodge a bullet, but Trank is still recovering from the disaster. He was originally attached to helm one of the Star Wars anthology movies for Lucasfilm, but he was booted from that project around the time Fantastic Four released.

At the moment, there's quite a bit that's unclear about the future of the Fantastic Four team. Miles Teller and Kate Mara were open to return for Fantastic Four 2, but Kebbell said he wouldn't come back, and it's extremely unlikely that Trank would return as well. Interestingly, Tommy Wiseau expressed interest in directing Fantastic Four 2 thanks to a personal admiration for the movie. But for now, it seems that Fox's plans for the Fantastic Four team and their supporting characters hinges on solo films, such as Noah Hawley's upcoming Doctor Doom movie.

With The Walt Disney Company currently in the process of acquiring Fox, the Fantastic Four may one day enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but only time will tell if Kevin Feige can work his magic on Reed Richards and his team. Josh Trank's Fantastic Four may be a nasty blot on the landscape of superhero movies, but the franchise isn't dead... yet. We'll just have to see if the third time really is the charm.

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