Official: Josh Trank Directing 'Fantastic Four,' David Slade Not Directing 'Daredevil'

Fantastic Four Reboot Director

Comic-Con 2012 has begun and while Twentieth Century Fox isn't here and has nothing to show yet for their upcoming comic book movie projects in development, they do have very relevant news conveniently timed for the big event.

Chronicle writer/director Josh Trank's next film will again see the 27 year-old Californian again dealing with a group of super-powered individuals in Fantastic Four while 30 Days of Night and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade loses his chance to revitalize the Daredevil franchise.

Since hitting it big at the box office and among critics with the low budget found footage film Chronicle, the young, up and coming Josh Trank immediately hit the top of the most-desired list among studios. Just a month and a half ago Trank signed with Sony Pictures to helm the incredibly ambitious adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus, based on artful PlayStation exclusive video game title of the same name. But before that project gets moving, Trank will working on another major project.

Deadline reports that Trank has officially signed with Twentieth Century Fox to direct the Fantastic Four reboot, confirming rumors dating back to January which pointed towards he and Fox - the same studio behind Chronicle - being in chats about the Marvel foursome. Those rumors were later confirmed by Fox CEO Tom Rothman who excitedly revealed that Trank would help develop the project, hinting that he could direct the reboot and its new cast as well.

Josh Trank confirmed as working on the Fantastic Four reboot
The cast of the last two Fantastic Four films

Their report continues to explain that Fox is aiming to get the movie in production fast, much like their other Marvel flicks. The Wolverine - which just added six new cast members - begins shooting next month with Hugh Jackman and X-Men: First Class will follow with Matthew Vaughn back in the director's chair. Fantastic Four will come immediately after that.

As for the other key Marvel property Fox owns the film rights to, Daredevil, things are taking a step in the opposite direction. David Slade has been attached to the project for nearly a year and a half, teasing announcements that often didn't come to fruition since that time. Due to scheduling conflicts with his work on the Hannibal TV series pilot and Fox's need to get Daredevil into production by this fall in order to prevent the film license from reverting back to Disney, they'll have to find a replacement director soon. This is a similar situation to Fantastic Four and the reason Fox has been trying to get both projects off the ground for years.

While some fans love the idea of characters like Daredevil returning to the creative control of Marvel Studios, the contract in place may result in a rushed production on the part of Fox in order to simply maintain the rights to it rather than deliver a quality production. Hopefully Trank isn't put into a bad position where the film isn't given the time it needs. X-Men: First Class was infamously rushed as well.

David Slade confirms Daredevil reboot official announcement

As for Fantastic Four, the reboot almost happened around the same time X-Men: First Class was in its early stages, with rumors for each cast member and directors, but it was put on the back burner. With Trank at the helm, there's a strong possibility for a grounded (read: less corny) take on everyone's favorite Marvel family.

With Marvel Studios hosting an Iron Man 3 panel on Saturday where it's expected they could announce one or more new upcoming film projects, the addition of multiple Fox Marvel movies and the return of Spider-Man make this an exciting time for Marvel fans.

Who should direct Daredevil? Let the speculation begin!


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Source: Deadline

Header image edited by cover art by Bryan Hitch from Fantastic Four #569.

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