'Chronicle' Director Confirmed to be Working on 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Josh Trank confirmed as working on the Fantastic Four reboot

Shortly before Chronicle hit theaters earlier this year, rumors began circulating that the director of the superhero flick (with a found-footage twist), Josh Trank, was already in line to helm Fox's reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise.

Trank thereafter dismissed such speculation, stating that he'd not even met with studio heads about revamping the F4 property (at that time, anyway). When reports flew in a few weeks later, revealing that Trank had begun negotiations with Sony for him to direct the long-stalled Venom movie, it was widely assumed that the Spider-Man spinoff would instead mark the filmmaker's first excursion into comic book movie territory.

However, while in attendance at the CinemaCon 2012, 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman revealed (via Collider) that Trank is indeed helping to dust off and re-polish the Fantastic Four film franchise - and may end up directing it after all.

"Josh Trank, who did 'Chronicle, I think this has been reported, is gonna come on and work on a take or a vision, that he has for ['Fantastic Four'], so we're excited about that... I think there's a possibility of [him directing]. I mean he's gonna develop it now, and then it depends on the script."

In addition to Venom, Trank has also been linked recently to the Soviet comic book adaptation Red Star. Similarly, there's been speculation that he could end up directing a sequel to Chronicle after all, now that his collaborator Max Landis is set to pen the followup.

Basically, given Trank's current status as a hot-in-demand filmmaker, it's best to not assume he'll direct any of these projects, before an official announcement is made.

Many would agree (a good chunk of the Screen Rant crew included) that Trank managed to successfully ground the archetypal superhero story elements and action proceedings in Chronicle - by balancing them out with captivating drama wrought with genuine human emotion and engaging character dynamics.

Based on that alone, Trank is a worthy candidate to try and recreate the relatable, dysfunctional family dynamic of the Fantastic Four squad from the original comics - an area where the previous film adaptations are generally criticized for having missed the mark. Hence, Trank's involvement with the F4 reboot reads as encouraging.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of the Fantastic Four reboot - including, whether or not Trank ultimately decides to direct the film - as more information is released.


Source: Collider

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