'Chronicle' Director Talks Sequel & 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

chronicle director talks sequel and fantastic four

Chronicle has made back its $12 million budget – plus $30 million – and is already considered a box office success. Naturally, such returns have led to talk of a sequel, as well as bigger future projects for the film's director, Josh Trank.

In a recent interview, Trank discussed the possibility of making a Chronicle 2 before unequivocally shooting down rumors that he's in talks to direct Fox's forthcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.

On the topic of Chronicle 2 (courtesy of The Playlist), Josh Trank said:

"I'm still not sure [about 'Chronicle 2']. I was nervous this type of [found footage] movie would be perceived as a gimmick. So I was in denial for a while about what the potential of the film could be."

A Chronicle sequel by Trank would likely utilize the writing talents of Max Landis -- son of John Landis (Animal House, Trading Places) -- who wrote the screenplay for Chronicle. He was also in the news recently (well, the blogosphere news, anyway) thanks to his The Death and Return of Superman parody video.

On Landis, Trank said:

"We reconnected on Facebook. I ran into him, we were catching up on what we had been working on. The topic of 'Chronicle' came up, and I basically told him everything, but he stopped me halfway through and said, All right, I’m gonna write a script in two weeks and I’ll be back.' And that’s exactly what he did, he wrote it in two weeks and came back to me. I gave him the skeleton and he filled it out with the heart and soul and muscles."

Returning to the topic of a Chronicle sequel, he said:

"I kind of stubbornly tried to maintain the purity of the [found footage] concept throughout. This movie is rooted in that style, so any kind of sequel should go along the same track. But again, there’s the risk it could be less fresh than the last film."

On whether the rumors of his involvement in the Fantastic Four reboot are true:

"I have not met about 'Fantastic Four' reboots. I was on the press tour and had to call everybody up and ask, what is this about? 'Fantastic Four' is at Fox, and I guess someone theorized about it, someone heard it, and 'Variety' was like, that’s happening! I can’t really speak on that, because I don’t know what to say."

Chronicle Director Shoots Down Fantastic Four Rumors

However, Trank neglected to shut the door on Fantastic Four altogether, saying:

"I do have a deal with Fox, but right now I’m trying to work on original ideas. To me the most important thing is a good story, though I know how cliché that sounds. Finding my next project, whether it’s a big franchise idea, or a small idea, it’s all about strong characters and a good story, making something I would really want to see."

Fantastic Four deserves a quality adaptation – the less said about the three previous attempts the better. If Trank being involved makes that a reality, then hopefully he's open to it. But if the guy isn't dying to see it done and doesn't have a dedicated vision for how it should play out, perhaps it's best if he moved onto wholly original projects.

What're your thoughts on Chronicle's director rebooting Fantastic Four?


Chronicle is in theaters now.

Source: The Playlist

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