Josh Hutcherson's Epic Spider-Man Audition Video

I've never understood why it takes some of these movie studios so bloody long to settle on actors/actresses to play the lead roles in their superhero franchises. Twice this year I've nearly jumped out of my third-story apartment window, after having to report Spider-Man and Captain America casting rumors ad nauseum. And don't even get me started on The Avengers - thank god that business all got settled at this year's Comic-Con.

However, Latino Review received an exclusive video yesterday that clearly shows what all goes into the superhero audition process. If you ever wondered what it takes to prove you can play Spider-Man (or any other superhero), then you definitely need to watch this.

The video in question is of actor Josh Hutcherson performing a fight sequence, as part of  his late-stage audition for the role of the new Peter Parker in Sony's upcoming Spider-Man reboot. You may or may not remember that Hutcherson was rumored to be Spidey for all of a couple hours before Social Network actor Andrew Garfield was confirmed as  the new Peter Parker.

If this audition tape is anything to judge by, some of the people who were groaning over the notion of Hutcherson playing Spidey may have been off the mark: the kid looks pretty fit for the role.

Watch Hutcherson take on a group of school bullies, courtesy of Latino Review:




Can you believe he did all those stunts on his own?!  Kidding... Kidding... I kid :-). Still though, that's pretty impressive camera/FX work for an audition - makes me think we around the blogsphere need to work harder on getting our hands on audition vids - screw sitting around for weeks on end, writing constant rumor and speculation posts! Let's review all the audition videos and THEN start arguing about who can/cannot play these roles!

However, I do see one fatal flaw in Hutcherson's impressive portrayal of Parker - not enough one-liners! In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy the one-liners were shamefully heavy-handed and scant, and Hutcherson could've improved upon that with some witty improv banter throughout that fight scene. If there is one thing I'm hoping right now, it's that Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man reboot director Marc Webb are planning to get that aspect of the character right. Anybody who has read a Spider-Man comic knows that the web-head rarely ever shuts his mouth (kinda like your old friend Outlaw ;-) ).

How did you guys like that audition video?

The Spider-Man reboot will be in theaters (3D and 2D) on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Latino Review

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