'Lost' Star Josh Holloway in Talks with Marvel Studios [Updated]

[Update: Looks like Holloway's rep's are denying this rumor.]

With his tenure on Lost complete, Josh Holloway may already be on his way to scoring another iconic role. Collider is reporting that Holloway's camp has been in talks with Marvel Studios about the possibility of Holloway taking part in one of their upcoming projects.

There's no word on which character he might be playing, but based on the slate of films Marvel has already announced, speculation is  running rampant.

Although Nathan Fillion has previously been rumored as a contender for the role of Henry Pym/Ant-Man, Holloway would be an intriguing choice as well. The character is set to debut in The Avengers and Edgar Wright is still attached to direct an Ant-Man solo movie. Still, given his level of star power my inclination is that Holloway would be eyeing a more prestigious role. Fillion's sense of humor also seems more in line with that particular character and the tone of Wright's other films.

With Jeremy Renner  denying that he's  a front-runner for the role of Hawkeye, that role remains a possibility as well. As much as I love the idea of Renner playing the part, Holloway would also be a strong choice.  His price tag might also be significantly lower than Renner's, a recent Oscar nominee.

josh halloway namor sub marnier movie marvel

Marvel has been keen to bring Namor The Sub-Mariner to the screen and given his affiliation with The Avengers, it's conceivable that they might introduce him as part of that ensemble before having him headline his own film.

With an already crowded roster I'm not sure how many lesser-known characters they're going to be utilizing, but Holloway would be an inspired pick.

josh halloway dum dum dugan s.h.i.e.ld. movie

There's also that S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off that is likely to feature Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, one of the key members of Nick Fury's team.  How do you think Holloway would look in a bowler hat?

Update: Our friends over at Comic Book Movie managed to get in touch with Melissa Kates from View Point LA, the agency that represents Holloway. According to Kates, the news of a Holloway/Marvel team up is "just a rumor."

Now again, take that denial with a grain of salt and remember that publicist and agents are paid to keep things quite until the deals are done. The way I see it, either Holloway is still very early in talks and Marvel doesn't want fanboys jumping the gun, or Holloway has nothing to do with Marvel. If the latter case is true, well, maybe Marvel SHOULD start thinking about getting into the Josh Holloway business - if our comments section is any indication, there are more than a few Marvel characters fans would like to see the actor play.

We'll keep you posted. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @screenrant

Which one gets your vote? Are there any other characters in the Marvel universe he'd be a good match for?

Source: AvengersNews via Collider.

Update Source: Comic Book Movie

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