Josh Holloway Set to Guest Star on NBC’s ‘Community’

Come finales, the Greendale Community College campus is going to get kinda scruffy. After last being seen on the series finale of Lost, the man who brought us James “Sawyer” Ford will make a guest appearance on the season finale of NBC’s hit comedy, Community.

At the moment, we don’t have many details about what role Holloway will play, but we do know that the Lost alum will be a mysterious figure who shows up on campus just as another extreme game of paintball is set to take the school by storm. Fans of the show will remember the amazing episode entitled ‘Modern Warfare’ in which the school’s Dean announced a “prize” for a game of paintball that quickly turned into a furious, campus-wide, war.

‘Modern Warfare’ was a brilliant little parody on the action film genre that managed to effectively skewer movie cliches - without forcing the cast to alter their characters in order to make the jokes work. Furthermore, Jeff (Joel McHale), Abed (Danny Pudi), and Britta (Gillain Jacobs) managed to have their own memorable action movie moments - without stooping to a Superhero Movie type of redundant plagiarism.

Ending the current season, by rekindling the love, of arguably the best episode of Community, is both a simple but intelligent choice for the folks working on the show. Not only does the concept allow a return to the best episode Community has ever produced, it pokes further fun at the action genre by making light of the seemingly endless succession of sequels - simply by being one.

Community action movie spoof Modern Warfare
McHale doing his best McClane in the episode 'Modern Warfare'

As with any good action movie sequel, this time the action will be bigger. And by bigger, the pseudo-sequel to ‘Modern Warfare’ will boast not only a role by Holloway, but also the episode itself will literally be bigger - twice as big, actually, as it will be broken into two half-hour episodes.

The addition of Holloway is timely for both the program and the actor. Holloway is set to make a go at big screen action in the upcoming fourth entry in the Mission Impossible franchise: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. For Community, this could easily have felt like a silly promotional stunt created solely for the purpose of garnering the interest of a few more television viewers, but now it has the potential to go down as a promotional stunt that was also another clever poke in the ribs of a genre Community has relentlessly targeted.

Either way, with this much going for it, the season finale of Community is sure to be a blast.

Look for the two-part episode to air sometime in May on NBC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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