Josh Gad Comedy Super-Normal Picked Up By Netflix

Netflix picks up the comedy Super-Normal, with Josh Gad (Beauty and the Beast) headlining and Aaron and Jordan Kandell (Moana) writing the script.

Beauty and the Beast LeFou Poster Josh Gad

Netflix has added another piece of original content to add to its collection, having now acquired the Josh Gad headlined comedy Super-Normal. The project, which takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of superheroes, has Gad down to star and produce, with Moana's Aaron and Jordan Kandell writing the film's screenplay.

Once Super-Normal was revealed back in October, it immediately generated interest from the likes of Disney. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Super-Normal gained such immediate interest was the stellar cast that Gad had already put in place. Gad's Beauty and the Beast co-star Luke Evans is set to partner with Gad once more on the film, and will also executive produce. Given that Gaston and LeFou's dynamic was one of the highlights of the live action Beauty and the Beast, it's easy to see why Evans' involvement would gain such interest.

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According to THR, however, it's Netflix that has cemented the deal to take on this comedy project. Alongside Gad, Death Note producer Dan Lin is onboard, with Jonathan Eirich of Lin Pictures set to produce as well.

Beauty and the Beast Luke Evans Josh Gad Gaston LeFou
Luke Evans and Josh Gad in Beauty and the Beast

Luke Evans is not the only former co-star that Gad has signed up to Super-Normal, though. Daisy Ridley, who worked with Gad on Murder on the Orient Express, is also set to star in the project. The pair already work well together, as seen by Gad's cheeky attempts to gain Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers, and so hopefully such a close-knit group will gel when it comes to Super-Normal.

A subversive look at the idea of superheroes is not an entirely original concept, with the likes of Kick-Ass and James Gunn's Super turning a critical eye to the traditional superhero story. However, the topic still seems like it's ripe for exploration, and no doubt Super-Normal will be able to find plenty to laugh about by digging a little into the well-trodden tropes of the superhero genre. Hopefully, it will also make those Netflix subscription hikes less painful to bear.

This is far from the only project that Gad has on the go at the moment, however. The Beauty and the Beast star will return as Olaf in Frozen 2, while Gad has also been cast in zombie rom-com Little Monsters alongside Lupita Nyong'o. That said, it's unlikely to be long before more news on Super-Normal surfaces.

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Sources: THR

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