Josh Gad Teases Fans About Penguin Role – Again

Josh Gad once again hypes the possibility of him playing Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. the Penguin in the DC Films Universe, this time, in the planned Nightwing film helmed by Chris McKay.

Gad has long been teasing about his supposed involvement in bringing a contemporary version of the Penguin onto the big screen. May of last year was when he first publicly expressed interest in the role and his eventual meeting with DC head honchos Jon Berg and Geoff Johns only fanned the rumor flames. Unfortunately, with Warner Bros. having their hands full with projects like Wonder Woman and Justice League for the rest of the year, talk about the Beauty and the Beast actor potentially nabbing the role was set aside, until now.

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Chiming in on McKay's Twitter poll asking people for their input regarding casting Nightwing, Gad replied with a GIF of Danny DeVito's version of the character in 1992's Batman Returns, opposite Michael Keaton's iteration of the Gotham-based hero. The fan reaction to the actor's tweet, however, was split. Some agree about the villain being an important key to the project but aren't necessarily on board with him playing the part. There are a few who even suggested that John Goodman could be a good fit, but between Gad's acting skills and aesthetic, there are others who could actually see him inhabiting the role.

How Gad's Penguin (if it comes to fruition) comes into play in the DC Films Universe is uncertain, but there are a few ways that he can be brought on, looking at the slate of projects fans know are in different stages of development at Warner Bros other than Nightwing. After all, McKay just said that casting announcements won't happen for a few more months, considering that they're still finessing the script. Being a Batman foe, he can make his grand debut in Matt Reeves' solo Caped Crusader flick. If that's not the case, he can be introduced in the heavily rumored Legion of Doom project alongside Lex Luthor and Deathstroke. From there, he could pop in and out of other related properties to establish the franchise's interconnectivity.

DC's separate universe with Todd Phillips' planned Joker film could likewise be a good entrance for the character. Not much is known regarding this pocket of the franchise yet, but it appears to be progressing quietly with names like Joaquin Phoenix's and Leonardo DiCaprio linked to play the part. Depending on how they shape this series, tracing the origins and/or dissecting the psyche of DC's famed supervillains could well be in the cards.

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