Josh Gad Continues Teasing Possible Penguin Role

Josh Gad's campaign to play Penguin in the DC Extended Universe may have just taken a big step forward to becoming a reality. The latest social media campaign to join the DCEU started a few weeks back when Gad posted a random and cryptic photo on social media of Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin. The picture sent the internet ablaze with speculation that Gad could actually be in contention to play the part. The picture even led to fan art imagining Gad as Penguin and making it look quite convincing.

Shortly after this fun, Gad pushed back that it was simply a case of him having fun and throwing the thought out there. While that response made it appear less likely that anything would actually come of his campaign, Gad's latest post will only refuel speculation.

Gad took to Twitter to post another picture, but this one was not quite as cryptic. The photo (seen below) shows Gad standing in front of the DC logo at their offices. Not only is he holding Batman Adventures Vol. 1 featuring Penguin on the cover, but the two men standing by his side are none other than DC Films President Geoff Johns (right) and producer Jon Berg (left).

Nothing to see here...

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) June 2, 2017

So after just starting his campaign for fun, it looks as if something has actually manifested. While the photo does not directly mean he had a formal meeting with DC Films, it certainly appears that is the case. There is really no other reason to explain why Johns and Berg would meet with him if it wasn't for him to potentially join the DCEU. Now, it remains to be seen whether or not this meeting will have the end result of Gad playing the Gotham crime boss.

Ever since his initial tease, the assumption among fans has been that it would be for a role in The Batman. With Matt Reeves now directing and Ben Affleck just serving as the star, the film will reportedly undergo a series of rewrites that could eliminate everything we previously thought to be true about the solo movie. This could be where Gad and Penguin could come into play, but Reeves has yet to even turn his focus toward The Batman thanks to his current responsibilities on War for the Planet of the Apes.

If DC and Warner Bros. are interested in getting him introduced sooner, another possibility could be in Gotham City Sirens - but even that film doesn't have a clear production plan. Either way, Gad continues to look to be in good position to land this role, if it is one that DC is interested in bringing to the big screen in the immediate future.

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