Josh Gad Wants to Play Penguin Opposite Jon Hamm's Batman

Josh Gad once again propositions that he play DC villain Penguin on the big screen, but this time, opposite Jon Hamm's rendition of Batman.

Josh Gad is once again campaigning to play Oswald Cobblepot - aka The Penguin - in the DC movie universe, this time, opposite Jon Hamm's Bruce Wayne - aka Batman. With persisting rumors that Ben Affleck will no longer reprise the title role in Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman film, recasting talk continues regarding the superhero. Several Hollywood actors have been rumored to take over the cape and cowl, but latest to join the recasting pool is Hamm, who recently said that he wants to become the next Batman.

Meanwhile, Gad has been openly campaigning for the Penguin role for quite some time now on social media. He first publicly expressed his interest in the role in May of last year, which was followed by a meeting with former DC head honchos Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, giving fans the impression that something concrete was in the works for him playing Penguin on the big screen. Sadly, nothing came to fruition. Despite that, the actor is not quite ready to give up on his dreams of following in Danny DeVito's (who took on the role opposite Michael Keaton's Batman in Batman Returns) footsteps and portraying the character.

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Taking to his official Twitter account, Gad sent a shoutout to Hamm about the possibility of the two of them sharing the big screen as the Penguin and Batman. Similar to people's reactions to his previous attempts at furthering his dreams of playing the iconic villain on the big screen, fans are divided, not just on the possibility of him portraying Cobblepot, but also on Hamm being the next Caped Crusader. Check out his post below:

Earlier this year, Gad suggested playing the part in Chris McKay's in-development Nightwing film, after the filmmaker asked people on Twitter for their input on the film's casting. But since it may take a while before that film comes to fruition (if it's in fact still part of DC Films' seemingly ever-changing slate), chances are that pining for the role in The Batman, which has been confirmed to be in active pre-production, would be a much easier route for Gad to land the gig.

It's also entirely possible that the Penguin may not even appear in The Batman. Considering that specific plot details for that film are still scarce at the moment, not to mention the slew of villains that the Bat of Gotham has faced in the comics, Warner Bros. has a long list of options to choose from regarding who the main antagonist of the standalone film could be. Where the film fits in the existing DC movie universe remains unclear, although it's expected to possibly feature a younger version of the titular hero. Despite not having a concrete future in the DC Films world, fans know that The Penguin exists in the established canon, after he was referenced in Justice League. So if Warner Bros. decides to officially introduce a brand new incarnation of the character on the big screen, they can easily do so.

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