Infinity War: Josh Brolin Delivers Thanos' Snap For Reddit User Ban

Josh Brolin has recreated the climactic finger snap moment of Avengers: Infinity War in so that a subreddit can ban of half of its users. The Reddit forum r/thanosdidnothingwrong is paying homage to Thanos’ motivations in the film by perfectly balancing its list of subscribers to mirror the way that the villain murdered half the universe to create stability.

While there have been critics of Thanos’ motivations, many agree that the Mad Titan is still one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. His intentions are far from sympathetic, but are still more complex than the generally scrutinized Marvel Studios villains from Phases 1 and 2. Thanos had been teased since the first Avengers film, appearing in cameos and post-credit scenes in a number of MCU films before taking the spotlight in Infinity War. While the film was expected to feature hero deaths, it came as a shock to watch half of the giant cast turn to dust after the finger snap. So, it's only fitting that Brolin delivers yet another snap for the Reddit user ban.

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The film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, shared a video on r/thanosdidnothingwrong of Brolin doing another finger-snap. The video features a shirtless Brolin saying, “Here we go, Reddit users,” delivering the final snap, cracking a cheeky smile as he does so.

Aside from just achieving balance, the post elicited humorous reactions. Although the ban of half the users might be seen as rather harsh, it seems to be all in good fun. The balancing has been teased for days now on the subreddit - and the impending ban will finally happen on July 9. So, if Reddit users want to be a part of it, they should subscribe to the subreddit as soon as possible.

The dramatic nature of Infinity War inspired a number of internet memes, many of which can still be seen on r/thanosdidnothingwrong. This hilarious subreddit only speaks to how impactful the film has already become to pop culture. It is also a testament to how valuable fan interaction can be via social media. The Russo Brothers have been mostly silent on social media for some time now, but they returned to Twitter recently to take part in the Thanos/Reddit ban. It's fun to see the directors - and Brolin, for that matter - participate in this particular Infinity War meme. It will also be a treat to see what happens to r/thanosdidnothingwrong next year when the Mad Titan returns in the Russos' Avengers 4.

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Source: r/thanosdidnothingwrong

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