Josh Brolin Goes to '80s-Themed Party as His Goonies Character

Josh Brolin wore something very familiar for an '80s themed party. Roughly 32 years ago, a family action comedy called The Goonies was released in theaters and to this day remains a favorite of those who remember seeing the film as a child. The movie told the story of a group of children searching for a pirate treasure in order to keep their families from losing their houses. Chased by thieves and facing deadly booby traps, the kids have a grand adventure on what they all know might well be their last day together.

Many of the film's young stars continued acting well into adulthood and have become quite famous over the years. Corey Feldman was one of the biggest child stars of the decade. Martha Plimpton has been seen in over 100 roles in film, television, and theater. Sean Astin starred in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as Sam and is now joining the cast of Stranger Things - a show very clearly influenced by The Goonies. And then there is the actor who played the older brother of Astin's character Mikey - Josh Brolin.

Brolin decided to enjoy a little blast from the past recently when invited to an '80s themed party. He shared a photo on his Instagram where he is wearing the same costume he wore as Brandon "Brand" Walsh in The Goonies. After three decades, it still looks pretty good on him.

80's themed birthday for my buddy @wsparris1 given by his lovely wife @bamkambam. I didn't know what to dress as (Henry Rollins? Boy George? A gremlin?) then my wife said, "I got you covered". #embraceyourpast #gooniesneversaydie #80s @kathrynbrolin #beautyandthebeast #chologoonie

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Not only is Brolin wearing the same exercise outfit he wore in the film - including a bandanna for a sweatband - he is also holding a Chest Extender. In one of Brolin's most famous scenes in the film, the younger children tie Brand to a chair with the Chest Extender he's working out with in order to get past him and have their adventure. And judging by Brolin's bicep in the picture, he's probably still using it in his workout.

Since The Goonies, Brolin has appeared in over 60 movies, including True Grit, No Country for Old Men, and Milk. He's also become quite the favorite in comic book-based films, with leading roles in Jonah Hex and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Recently he has appeared a number of times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thanos, returning next year in Avengers: Infinity War, and he will also be seen as Cable in Deadpool 2. Still, after all his success, it's nice to see that he remembers the role that started it all - Brand Walsh in The Goonies. And that he can still rock a bandana.

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