Josh Brolin Tells Us What He Wants to See From Cable in X-Force

Josh Brolin says he wants to play up the banter between Deadpool and Cable in future movies. After a long 2-year wait, Deadpool 2 finally hits theaters with previews Thursday night, where fans will officially see the hotly anticipated clash between Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and his fellow mutant Cable/Nathan Summers (Brolin). It's a pairing fans have been salivating in anticipation for since Deadpool became a smash in 2016, especially since the film was presented properly by Fox going the R-rated route for the film.

Since Reynolds and Brolin have been relatively tight-lipped about Cable's involvement in Deadpool 2 since the production process, fans have naturally wondered what their interaction would be like during the film. The final trailer for the film definitely painted Cable as more of an adversary to Deadpool, and naturally fans will find out whether they will remain that way throughout the film.

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Already looking ahead reuniting Deadpool and Cable for X-Force, which is being written and directed by Drew Goddard, Brolin says he has an idea of how he'd like the relationship between the two bad-ass mutants to evolve. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant Brolin said he is hoping akin to the Eddie Murphy's sprung prisoner Reggie Hammond and Nick Nolte's Detective Jack Cates in the 1982 buddy cop comedy classic 48 Hrs. Brolin says fans will get a little bit of that in Deadpool 2, but believes the opportunity is there to examine that dynamic more, especially since it's been revealed he signed on for three more films in the series.

SR: Where would you like to see Cable go next and have you talked to Drew Goddard about the direction of Cable and his role in X-Force?

Josh Brolin: I freaking love Drew Goddard. Every conversation that I've had with him, which is only three now has been brilliant. Like he's an amazing guy and I can't wait to work with him as a filmmaker. I'm a huge, huge fan of his. I loved The Martian and I love all that stuff. So you know what happened at the end of this movie, which you don't get a lot of it before, but toward the end you see more the banter between Deadpool and Cable and I like that, you know, that kind of Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte and thing.

SR: That's a great description.

Josh Brolin: We want to see that kind of flourish. I think I've found that with Ryan (Reynolds) during the press tour more.

SR: Really?

Josh Brolin: I got to know him on the press tour. I didn't know him well enough, you know, and then once we started this thing and we're traveling all over Europe together and we have this kind of thing going on. It was fun. I had a good time.

There's no question that Brolin is the Cates to Reynolds' Hammond in Deadpool 2, and in a way, that same sort of dynamic was explored and worked wonders in Reynolds' and Samuel L. Jackson's 2017 smash The Hitman's Bodyguard. But Brolin is right, they need to go the 48 Hrs. route more in future pairings, if not for any other reason because the two have wonderful chemistry and it would feel natural for their characters.

For now, it's a good thing that they didn't push that type of Nolte/Murphy-type of relationship for most of Deadpool 2, simply because the story wouldn't allow for it. Cable had to be properly established, and the ambiguity surrounding the time-traveling mutant for most of the film is one of the many keys to Deadpool 2's success. Thankfully, those keys have opened the door to the X-Force movie, where Brolin will perhaps get his wish to lighten up Cable a bit.

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