How Cable Can Unite The X-Men Movies & Rival MCU

Deadpool 2's version of Cable has been revealed - but Josh Brolin may also be playing the X-Men movie universe's next big villain.

The version of Cable coming in Deadpool 2 has finally been revealed... but Josh Brolin's future may be as a villain in the X-Men movie universe. Don't worry fans, you'll still get to enjoy Josh Brolin's version of Cable as he cracks wise (and bones, we assume) alongside Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool. But if the response from fans is strong enough, then there's a very good chance Josh Brolin could continue as not only the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in X-Men sequels... but as a supervillain putting Magneto and Apocalypse to shame.

First things first, since Deadpool 2's Cable costume has just been revealed, keeping faithful to the comics in more ways than fans might expect. In fact, the teddy bear on Cable's hip may have HUGE sequel implications that tie into our own suspicions. We still expect Cable to be on the heroic side of Deadpool 2's actions, but if the current course of the rebooted X-Men universe and the hints of Cable's origins already popping up are what they seem, he'll take a turn for the villainous.

Well, he won't... but his identical twin might - famous as a villain known for uniting the mutant world in the comics. And with Brolin playing double duty, he could do the same for the films.

Meet Cable, Marvel's Time-Traveling Mutant

If a curious comic book movie fan were to take a look at Cable's comic history, it wouldn't take long to realize that it's... complicated. And 'complicated' in the way that only time-traveling mutants of the Marvel Universe can be. To make a long story short, Cable's comic book origin is important in the larger X-Men mythology, both past and present. And whether or not it's all adhered to in Deadpool 2, the early hints - again, that teddy bear on Cable's waist - prove that some of the most important story points are being kept in play.

In an effort to keep things simple, and explain why Josh Brolin's role may lead to a major villain part in future X-Men sequels, here's the key story. Cable is actually Nathan Summers, born of his father Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey. His birth was a plan cooked up entirely by the villain Mr. Sinister, hoping to create a mutant powerful enough to kill Apocalypse - the villain still fresh in fans' memories from Oscar Isaac's portrayal in X-Men: Apocalypse. And that's where the time travel comes into the story.

When Apocalypse learned of the plan to have this mutant baby grow to kill him, he sought to kill it first. All he managed to do was infect Nathan with a techno-organic virus that turned his arm and neck into metal, but it put the baby's life in jeopardy. When a friend of the X-Men offered to carry the baby 2,000 years into the future where he could be saved from the virus, his parents agreed. The plan worked, setting the stage for Nathan-- under the guise of Cable, to return from the future as a full-grown badass.

For those looking to wager on where Cable's story will begin in Deadpool 2, that seems the most likely candidate. Wade Wilson may have questions about the source of his powers or his parents, but the reason that Cable has come back to our time will be the top priority. And considering what waits in Cable's comic book future, he may be followed by one of his own worst enemies from that same distant future...

Get Ready For Stryfe, Cable's Evil Clone

No hero is created in the world of comic books without their archvillain being born alongside them, and Cable is no exception. You see, that "friend of the X-Men" who offered to save Nathan's life in the future didn't give his parents the entire story. That mastermind was actually Rachel Summers - yes, the daughter of Scott and Jean from an alternate future - who needed Cable's powers to... well, do the same thing that Mr. Sinister had actually wanted to. Apocalypse had won his war on mutants in Rachel's future, so she needed Nathan's powers to defeat him and save the planet.

For all her talk, Rachel wasn't sure that the techno-organic virus actually could be cured. Nathan ended up being a strong enough psychic/telekinetic subject to keep the virus contained to his arm and neck, but before he managed it, Rachel cloned his genetic material as a backup plan. A backup plan that was soon kidnapped by Apocalypse of the future, believing the clone to be the real Nathan Summers. Apocalypse then raised the boy to one day take over his body and claim his powers for himself... only the boy - named Stryfe - didn't know about his kidnapper's ultimate plan.

So when Nathan grew up and actually did manage to kill Apocalypse, he won a new enemy in the clone he never knew he had. Cable eventually headed back to the era he had come from, and Stryfe followed closely behind on a mission to avenge his father's death. Well, avenge his father's death AND continue the war he had spent years waging against his own nemesis.

A nemesis he never knew was the real son of Cyclops... beginning a story calling on all the major players of the X-Men movies so far.

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