Josh Brolin 'Really Glad' He Didn't Play Batman in the DCEU

Josh Brolin has revealed he's glad he didn't land the part of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Brolin is no stranger to comic book movies, and 2018 sees him reprising the role of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and playing Cable in Deadpool 2. The star has had mixed luck with the genre in the past, however, having played the lead role in Jonah Hex and Dwight in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For; both movies were critical and financial disappointments.

Brolin was an early contender for the Batman part in Batman V Superman, with director Zack Snyder envisioning an older, more grizzled take on the role. The part ultimately went to Ben Affleck, who went on to play the role in Suicide Squad and Justice League. Given the mixed reception to the DCEU so far, Affleck's future is currently in question, though director Matt Reeves is still developing a solo Batman project.

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While missing out on playing such an iconic role might be cause for regret for some actors, Brolin reveals in an interview with CBM that while he spoke with Snyder about it, he's glad it didn't pan out, stating "We indirectly talked about it, but we never got to the point because I wasn't the guy for him. I'm really glad it didn't happen. I haven't thought twice about it."

Brolin would have no doubt been able to capture the haunted quality of the Batman V Superman version of Bruce Wayne, but from the sounds of this interview, his heart wasn't really in it. While the movie itself drew very mixed reviews, Affleck's performance was cited as one of the movie's strong points, with the actor capturing both sides of the role while bringing something fresh to it.

If Brolin had taken the Batman role, it likely would have ruled him out of playing Cable in Deadpool 2, which is a part he seems much more passionate about. Infinity War finally brings Thanos center stage too, after years of being a background threat. Thanos will be the main antagonist in both Infinity War and its untitled sequel and will pay off years' worth of storytelling in the MCU.

The star also recently revealed he actually preferred playing Thanos over Cable and enjoyed working with the motion capture process for the character. Brolin still hasn't played a role in the DCEU so his name could still come up as a possible replacement if Affleck decides to leave - but given his comments on Batman V Superman, it seems unlikely he'd be interested.

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Source: CBM

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