Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants You To Help Build Beyond Good & Evil 2

Joseph Gordon-Levitt tries to promote a crowdsourced model for Beyond Good & Evil 2's world, courtesy of the game's partnership with HitRECord.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 made a big impression at E3 2018 thanks to its trailer, but it appears as though the game also wants something from its fans courtesy of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt run crowdsourcing campaign. The intellectual property has relied heavily on its strong core fanbase over the years, with the strong praise that the first game received certainly helping to push for a sequel, even after the stop-start nature of its development.

This has culminated in a fantastic cinematic trailer, showcasing the pirate crew of the game getting stuck in a serious situation out in space, before shocking its audience with a surprise plot reveal. All in all, the title is shaping up well from a design perspective, although it's still very early days for the actual game in its entirety.

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Part of the game's development may well rely on the work of its fans, as showcased by the Space Monkey Program, but it looks as though things are going to go even further. In a partnership with online creative platform HitRECord, which is owned by Gordon-Levitt, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is looking for creative types to help play, write, paint, or draw elements that could help to build the game world that players will be interacting with. Those who create works that end up in the final game will also get paid for their trouble.

The Looper star reached out personally to explain the crowdsourcing campaign in question, while a further video from the respective community leads of both HitRECord and Beyond Good & Evil 2 went into even more detail about how it will work. Effectively, if a fan of the game world feels as though they can add something that makes the world a deeper place, be it a song or a piece of visual art that could appear in the final game, then the collaborative project is the place to be.

In general, this seems as though it is a nice way to keep the fans of Beyond Good & Evil engaged and active within the game's development process. On top of that, the feeling of having a piece of work in the final game is certainly an alluring one for gamers, and it would definitely be an achievement to be proud of.

However, some may ask questions about exactly how well this helps create a cohesive world. One would hope, however, that the curators of the content created would be able to find a way to get the created pieces successfully into the game world, making Ganesha city feel that much more lived in.

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