Exclusive: Joe Gatt Talks Thor & Secret Villain Role

Your name made some major headlines the other week for what’s being dubbed a secret part in the Marvel Studios production of Thor. How did you get involved with the Kenneth Branagh-directed project?

My manager, Leigh Cohen, called me saying that Randi Hiller (the casting director) had asked to see me for a role in Thor. I went in and read, and 2 days later my manager got a call saying I had booked the role! I was ecstatic. The next thing I know I'm being fitted and thrown into rehearsals!

Are you by any chance a reader of comics and if so, what books interest you?

I used to read comics a lot as a kid, and the Marvel ones were always my favorites, X-Men and Thor being the best! These days I don't read so much due to time constraints, but occasionally I pick up a graphic novel like Watchmen.

Good answer. These are definitely my faves too. We know your involvement in Thor is being kept under wraps for the time being, but are there any hints what we may see from you on screen?

Marvel are really into secrecy and protecting their scripts and characters, so there's not much I can say except that I'm playing a bad guy with a lot of action.

Any scenes with the God of Thunder?

Yes, my character gives him a lot of grief ;)

How about Loki?

Now you're fishing for clues. Yes, Tom Hiddleston is a great guy.

With your role in the Thor film, is there any chance that you may be involved with motion capture work for the tie-in Thor video game?

I would love to be involved in production of the game, but nothing has been discussed yet.

Aside from the next God of War game coming out in the spring and the Thor film a few years away from release, where might we see you next?

My main focus is on Thor right now, which has a release date of early 2011. Other than that, there are a couple of other projects my manager is negotiating which I would begin work on this summer. Currently you can see me starring in a vampire web series called "Dark Path Chronicles" on, directed by Mary Lambert, the director of Pet Cemetery.

After getting a better idea of Joe's role in the movie and once production began Monday, I spoke to him briefly again and I fired a few fun questions his way to see if we could get any more hints about this character.

Do you get to wear your own Asgardian outfit? Do you get any cool weapons?

Yes, My costume is awesome and i get some seriously mean weapons!!!!

We've been hearing nothing but praise about the extravagant set designs from some high profile folks including Jon Favreau. What can you tell us about the recreation of Asgard and the other character costumes?

The sets are huge and truly beautiful, some of the best i've ever seen. All the characters have amazing costumes. The designers have done an extraordinary job at maintaining the traditional Marvel looks all the fans are expecting, but adding their own new style.

We expect Thor to make a big splash at San Diego Comic-Con next year. Any chance you may be attending?

I will be there without a doubt!

Of the Marvel films coming out, our readers know that Thor is the one I have always been most excited for and I’m excited that you’ll be involved. Good look going forward and we hope to talk to you again soon!

Cheers, Rob, it's been fun answering your questions.

So there you have it. For obvious reasons, Gatt cannot reveal details of his character or the production as Marvel is keeping things appropriately secretive but from what we gather from his responses, the rumors online and Joe's background and expertise, we can take a stab at who he may be playing.

Let's look at what we know:

  • He's a villain
  • Action-oriented role
  • Gives Thor lots of trouble
  • Has scenes with Loki
  • Has sweet weapons
  • Is an Asgardian warrior

Combining that with Gatt's physical prowess and expertise with weapons and combat, not too mention his appearance, I have a pretty good feeling that he'll be playing Skurge the Executioner, as some of us Screen Ranters have guessed at behind the scenes and who's been frequently speculated at online.

Click to Enlarge Cover Art. Yes, that's Skurge dual-wielding in the background!

In the books, Skurge has the superhuman strength and durability greater than most Asgardians and he acquired his powerful name after duking it out with Storm giants. He commonly fought for Amora, the Enchantress due to his feelings for her and her manipulation of him and he is loyal to Thor's nemesis and half-brother Loki who uses him to attack Thor.

Thor's father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) banished him to Earth where he fought against the Avengers. Skurge's history and appearances in the books spans across many stories and he faces off with and against many key characters including Mandarin, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom and many others. If Gatt is in fact playing Skurge, I can't wait to see what he looks like and we're hopefully he has a chance at re-playing the character in another Marvel project in the future. That is, if Thor doesn't hammer him too badly. Perhaps he could be on of the Avengers villains?

What do you think? Is Skurge the character or do you have any other guess?

Stay tuned for more Thor news soon!

Thor takes over Spider-Man 4 for a new release date of May 5, 2011.

Artwork by Marko Djurdjević.

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