Talking During A Movie? Say Allo To My Leetle Friend

We've all been there - we've paid for our overpriced movie tickets, purchased our popcorn and drink of Coke priced as if I had a double shot of Jack Daniels in it, made our way into the inevitably packed screening and made our way to our seat. But we soon forget about those troubles and settle in to watch a movie that hopefully makes that all go away.

But just as we've settled in comfortably to relax and watch what we've paid too see, we hear some ignorant fellow moviegoers start talking, either on their phones or to the people next to them, ruining our movie viewing experience.

We might proceed to give them a harsh "ssshhh" or even go as far to politely ask them to shut the hell up. Now assuming that fails (which it usually does) most of us would just let it be out of politeness, while some will complain to theater staff. But no doubt we've all gotten to the point where we have thought, even if just for the briefest of moments, of shutting up the offending moviegoers by pure brute force. But a thought is all it amounts too, nothing more.

Well it seems that not all people are able to restrain their anger...

It's been reported that 29-year old James Joseph Cialella Jr, who went to a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas Day, pulled out a gun and shot another man in the arm because he and his family (yes, that's right, his family was there) for being too noisy. The incident took place at the UA Riverview Stadium 17 theater in South Philadelphia.

Cialella became annoyed when the family, which was sitting near the front, wouldn't stop talking. He told them to be quiet, but because of this apparently the young son decided to be a smart ass and became even noisier, making comments and the like. Cialella then threw popcorn at the young boy in an attempt to get him to stop annoying him. But since that failed he decided that next logical step must be to pull out his gun (a Kel-Tec .380 handgun to be precise) and shot the father in the arm.

But one of the most shocking things is (beyond the obvious, of course) that Cialella didn't try to run away - but sat down to continue watching the film, even as people around were fleeing the theater. The police soon arrived on the scene and arrested him. He is up on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and weapons violations. The victim, who remains unnamed, was sent directly to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is reported to be "okay."

Oh, and if the quote in the title of this post is throwing you, it's by Al Pacino in Scarface, referring to a machine gun he's holding just before he starts shooting up a room. :-)

So what do you think? Do you think this is completely outrageous, or in some dark little corner of your mind are you thinking "damn straight, about time someone taught people to shut up during a movie?"

Source: /Film

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