Jordan Peele's Mysterious Thriller Us Gets Creepy New Plot Details

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Creepy new plot details for Academy Award winner Jordan Peele's upcoming film Us have been released. Peele surprised moviegoers last year with his critically acclaimed directorial debut Get Outand given its successthere is a significant amount of hype surrounding his upcoming social horror/thriller.

Us has been surrounded by secrecy, with no major plot details having been revealed until recently. Since Get Out, Peele has been hard at work on the film, and the only piece of information that had been made public was that it would focus on two racially different couples. While the film's narrative has been kept under lock and key, it has put together a very notable cast, including Black Panther stars Winston Duke and Lupita N'yong'o, as well as The Handmaid's Tale's Elisabeth Moss, Titans' Anna Diop, and Moonrise Kingdom's Kara Hayward.

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Slash Film discovered the plot details for Us after learning that invitations to test screenings had been sent out with a brief synopsis attached. The synopsis details a family getaway gone horribly wrong when uninvited guest show up to interfere. Duke and N'yong'o play a married couple who take their children to their beach house, inviting Moss and some other friends along with them. However, when "shocking visitorsshow up unexpectedly, chaos ensues.

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Aside from Us, Peele is keeping busy in other ventures as well. Not only will he team up again with longtime collaborator Keegan-Michael Key by lending their voices to two new characters in Toy Story 4Peele is also working on two horror remakes: Candyman and The Twilight Zone (the latter of which he will also host and narrate). However, despite the excitement surrounding these projects, Tony Todd, who starred as the titular Candyman in the the original 1992 film, revealed that he has "mixed feelings" about a reboot, regardless of who might be producing it.

Get Out was a game-changer in the horror genre after winning the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. In fact, it also resulted in making Peele the first African-American to win the award as well. So, given everything surrounding Get Out, the intrigue surrounding Us is just as potent as the expectations. That said, audiences aren't expecting Peele to disappoint with his second film, and his new role in the genre has helped put horror on the map in a way few other horror films have in the past.

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