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Riz Ahmed and Jacob Tremblay have been offered roles in The Twilight Zone revival. The show is set to appear on CBS All Access, with Jordan Peele executive producing and hosting. The revival has already begun production, with plans to have the 10-episode season premiere sometime in 2019. The show has hired Adam Scott to appear in a remake of an iconic episode. Now CBS has set their sights on another pair of talents.

The Twilight Zone first ran on CBS from 1959 to 1964. The anthology series, hosted by creator Rod Serling, consisted of sci-fi and horror stories with social commentary weaved throughout. The show has spawned a host of projects, including two films and two TV revivals, first in the '80s, the second in the early 2000s. CBS is trying once again to capture the spark that made the original show so successful, with Peele at the helm. With production underway, CBS is eagerly seeking out more big names to add to the show’s roster.

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Two such possibilities are Jacob Tremblay and Riz Ahmed. According to The Hashtag Show, CBS has offered roles to both actors. If they accept, Tremblay and Ahmed would appear in episode 3, currently called “Kid President.” Tremblay would play the titled character with Ahmed as his campaign manager.

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Tremblay caught everyone’s attention when he appeared alongside Brie Larson in 2015’s The Room. The young actor has already accumulated an impressive list of credits with more on the way. One such project is Doctor Sleep, a continuation of Stephen King’s The Shining. Ahmed is another familiar name, known for his role as Bodhi Rook in Rogue One and, more recently, Carlton Drake/Riot in Venom. He is in pre-production for a modern adaptation of Hamlet.

Due to the overwhelming amount of revivals and remakes in Hollywood, one more might not seem like something worth batting an eye over. But The Twilight Zone has remained an important part of American culture for decades. So another revival is something worth taking notice of. With Peele producing, the show has the potential of being a highlight of 2019. There is every possibility the show will be a worthy successor, honoring the original while bringing something new and befitting a modern audience. If anyone has a chance of craftily melding entertainment with social commentary, it’s Peele, who has already proved that particular talent with Get Out. Much of the show remains a mystery, with no word yet as to the balance between remade and original episodes. Whatever approach Peele decides to take will likely ensure The Twilight Zone will be a success.

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Source: The Hashtag Show

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