Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone Re-Releasing in Black & White

With Jordan Peele's revival of The Twilight Zone nearing the end of its first season, the anthology is set to be re-released in black and white. While quite a few TV series have seen themselves revived over the years, it's rare that a single show receives multiple new leases on life. Yet, that's been the case for The Twilight Zone, created by TV icon Rod Serling. Serling's Twilight Zone aired from 1959 to 1964, and remains one of the most beloved series to ever grace the small screen.

The Twilight Zone's revivals have proved to be more of a mixed bag. While anthology series that feature a new story and characters every episode, by their very nature, tend to have their ups and downs, the revivals seemed to have more of the latter. The Twilight Zone's 1985 revival started off with a pretty strong season 1, but began to bottom out in season 2, and was canceled after season 3. The Twilight Zone's 2002 revival never really got off the ground, getting the ax after a single season.

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To an extent, Peele's Twilight Zone is experiencing similar issues. While more critics have praised season 1 than haven't, the series is by no means a critical smash, and longtime Twilight Zone devotees seem divided on its merits. Detractors aside, CBS All Access didn't hesitate to renew Peele's Twilight Zone for season 2 last month, so clearly they're satisfied with the show's performance. Now, Peele has taken to Twitter to inform fans that beginning May 30, The Twilight Zone season 1 will be re-released on CBS All Access in black and white, calling back to the look of the Serling original.

Based on the once-per-week airing schedule of Peele's Twilight Zone, that means the black and white episodes will arrive the same day as the season 1 finale. While it wasn't stated specifically in either Peele's Tweet or its accompanying video promoting the visual makeover, one assumes viewers will still have the option to view season 1 in color as well. This move is sure to please lots of old school Twilight Zone lovers, who argue that journeys into the titular realm are just inherently creepier in black and white.

That said, it's unlikely that simply changing the visual style will win over those who already don't care for Peele's updating of The Twilight Zone. Putting aside the trolls who seem to hate Peele's series specifically because they don't agree with his politics or the way he incorporates those views into episodes - which is in itself kind of amusing, since Serling's Twilight Zone pushed many political messages in its day - there are certainly plenty with legitimate criticisms to offer. Hopefully Peele and company can manage to work out the kinks and expand the revival's fanbase in season 2.

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The Twilight Zone airs Thursdays on CBS All Access.

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