10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

Jordan Peele just released his second movie as a director and is now two-for-two when it comes to his horror output. Both Get Out and Us are intelligent horror movies that subvert expectations and leaves the viewers talking about it long after the final frames role.

However, while he has mastered horror and has a clear love for the genre, that is not where he started out his career or what he was best known for before he took his hand at directing movies. Long before horror movies, Peele was a comedian and worked in sketch comedy, while also taking roles in different television shows. Peele also has worked behind-the-scenes on some great projects as well. Here is a look at 10 productions Jordan Peele worked on other than Us and Get Out.

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10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us
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10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

In what has to be the craziest debut for the director behind Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele made his acting debut in a music video for Weird Al Yankovic's "White & Nerdy." As a matter of fact, Peele is one of the first people you see in the video.

He is in the passenger seat of the convertible who pulls his sunglasses up when Weird Al's nerdy character runs up to talk to them. Not only that, but the driver is Peele's close friend and comedian partner, Keegan-Michael Key.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

Possibly the way that Weird Al Yankovic discovered Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key to be in his music video was by seeing them on the Fox sketch comedy MADtv. Peele got his start at The Second City in Chicago, which was also the former home for comedians like Bill Murray, John Candy, and Steve Carrell.

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He got onto MADtv and performed celebrity impersonations mostly. He took on the roles of everyone from Ja Rule, James Brown, and Flavor Flav to Montel Williams, Timbaland, and Morgan Freeman. This also set him up for his biggest opportunity.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

After MADtv, Jordan Peele got some roles in Children's Hospital and Wanderlust, but soon he re-teamed with Keegan-Michael Key and the two created their own sketch comedy show on Comedy Central called Key & Peele. The series lasted from 2012 until 2015.

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Unlike MADtv, Key & Peele featured mostly pre-taped sketches featuring the two comedians dealing with social issues like racial stereotypes, race relations, with pop culture gags mixed in as well. Peele had a number of recurring characters including Barack Obama, a young angry woman named Meegan and nerdy sci-fi lover called Wendell Sanders. The duo won an Emmy in 2016.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key produced their first movie Keanu in 2016, with Peele in the lead role. The movie saw Key and Peele as assassins who charge in and kill an entire Mexican drug cartel and their boss. The Drug Lord's cat Iglesias escapes.

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Soon, a guy named Rell, who Peele also portrays, finds the cat and names him Keanu. Soon, someone ransacks his apartment and his cat disappears so he convinces his cousin Clarence (also played by Key) to head out to find the cat, where they get in a lot of trouble along the way.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

"White & Nerdy" was Jordan Peele's first acting role but that wasn't his only connection to Weird Al Yankovic. In 2017, Weird Al sang the theme song for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Based on the immensely popular children's books by Dav Pilkey, this was the origin story of the boys turning their mean principal into the heroic Captain Underpants.

Jordan Peele had a key role in the movie as the voice of Melvin Sneedly, the nerdy antagonistic student that was always getting George and Harold in trouble at school. Peele only voiced him in the movie, replaced on the Netflix series by Jorge Diaz.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

In 2017, Jordan Peele proved to be one of the top young directors working today when he won an Oscar for his horror movie Get Out. In 2018, he didn't release his own movie but he did produce one for Spike Lee in BlackKklansman, and watched it pick up six more Oscar nominations, including a win for Spike Lee.

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With the nominations for Get Out and BlackKklansman, Jordan Peele now has more Best Picture nominations than any black producer in history. It was actually Peele who brought the idea to Lee, so he is really working behind the scenes to help others right now as well.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

Arguably one of the greatest Netflix animated series to ever air is Big Mouth, the story of two boys entering adolescence, aided by their Hormone Monsters. It is an honest and hilarious look at the difficulties of the teenage years shown from a unique angle thanks to the hormones revealing their true feelings.

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There are also other beings in the show, from talking pillows and pubic hairs to the Ghost of Duke Ellington, the late jazz musician who just so happens to live in Nick's attic. Jordan Peele provides the voice for this character, as well as voices for Freddie Mercury, Patrick Ewing, and a pitbull named Featuring Ludacris.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

YouTube Premium is upping their special original shows and they signed Jordan Peele to come in and create a show for their growing streaming service. The show he came up with was a fantasy series called Weird City.

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Weird City is a strange and bizarre series that has a batch of episodes that are only connected by the fact that they take place in a future city where the rich live Above the Line and the poor live Below the Line, and the two sides are separated by a wall with guards. As expected, it shows how the haves and have-nots exist and demonstrates how ludicrous things can be when the wealthy section themselves off from the rest of the world.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

At the same time that Jordan Peele was making his latest movie Us, he was also working hard on producing his new version of The Twilight Zone for CBS All-Access. Peele takes on the role that Rod Serling did in the original, as the narrator and producer of the show that originally aired from 1959 to 1964.

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Peele is not the showrunner for The Twilight Zone but he is the executive producer and the show is being produced through his own Monkeypaw Productions. With names like John Cho, Adam Scott, Greg Kinnear, Seth Rogen, Steven Yeun and Ginnifer Goodwin among the cast members, Jordan Peele looks to have a success on his hands.


10 Projects You Didn’t Know Jordan Peele Worked On Other Than Us

With Weird City on YouTube Premium and The Twilight Zone on CBS All-Access, it seems that Jordan Peele has no horse in the race of streaming services. Fans can also add cable to the mix as Peele also has another series coming to HBO called Lovecraft Country. Also produced through his Monkeypaw Production label, Peele is the executive producer here as well.

This is a horror series that stars Johathan Majors as Atticus Black, a man who heads across the country to find his missing dad. The series takes place in the '50s and Black travels through the states most affected by Jim Crow America, dealing with racist terrors and otherworldly monsters as well.

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