Jordan Peele Jokes Kanye West Is Inspiring Get Out 2

Jordan Peele had the surprise breakout hit movie of 2017 with last year's Get Out, and now it seems that an unlikely source may have inspired the comedian to write a sequel to his directorial debut, or at least joke that it had. The comedian, who wrote and directed the horror/thriller about a young black man who learns some pretty disturbing things about his white girlfriend's family after meeting them for the first time, won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the movie. Now it seems that all it takes to get the sequel underway is a few tweets from Kanye West himself.

Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has always courted controversy anytime he takes to social media, and his recent return to Twitter is no exception. After closing all his social media accounts last May, West returned to Twitter earlier this week and has basically unleashed a tweetstorm of revelations on fans over the past few days. His tweets has raised eyebrows from fans and media alike after he revealed that he's fired his manager and his lawyers while calling Donald Trump 'his brother' and stating they both have 'dragon energy.'


Part of West's recent tweetstorm included him posting a photo of the stark white hallway in his home. West, who is typically quite private about his own personal life, even going so far as to ban cameras from his wife's hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians from filming in their home, posted the picture with the caption, 'do this look like the sunken place.' The sunken place is referencing the hypnotic state that Daniel Kaluuya's character is propelled in to in Get Out after being hypnotized by his girlfriend's mother, played by Catherine Keener.

He then followed up with another tweet from another angle in his home writing, 'more tweets from the sunken place.'

While many celebrities and fans alike have been worried about West's return to Twitter, with some media outlets suggesting the rapper is suffering from mental health issues and is 'spiraling out of control,'  Jordan Peele joked that West's tweets have been inspirational for him. In response to West's 'sunken place' tweets, the director took to his own twitter to comment, writing '*Gets inspired *Starts writing ‘Get Out 2’.'

Get Out earned Peele three Oscar nominations, with his best original screenplay win making him the first African American to take home the honor. His tweet in response to Kanye currently has over 106k retweets and almost 400k likes from fans who are both fascinated and annoyed by the rapper's latest Twitter tirade. Peele also retweeted a tweet from last March where he explains that the Sunken Place looks different to everyone because 'it's a construct of the mind'.

While some fans are busy trying to figure out exactly what is going on with West, others are just thrilled that Peele could find some humor in his Get Out related tweets. While Peele was obviously joking around with his tweet, he has said in the past that he hasn't ruled out the prospect of a Get Out sequel. The write and director has said in the past that he feels there's definitely 'more story to tell' and that he's 'definitely, seriously considering' a sequel. Maybe Peele wasn't joking so much about West's tweet after all!


Source: Jordan Peele

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