Jordan Peele Says Emoji Movie Helped Him Decide to Retire From Acting

Jordan Peele decided to retire from acting at least in part due to The Emoji Movie. Peele is a true triple threat. After a decade of impressing audiences with his abilities as a writer and actor - often in the same projects such as TV series Key & Peele and the movie Keanu - he showed that he is also an incredibly capable director with his four-time Oscar nominated debut film Get Out. His nomination for Best Director makes Peele the fifth African-American director to be nominated for the award and the popular movie contributed to the success of horror films in 2017.

With such a successful directorial debut, it would not exactly be a surprise if Peele wanted to step back from acting and writing to focus on his next project as director. But instead of saying that he was taking a break from being on screen, Peele recently announced that he was retiring completely from acting. He gave very little info on the reason why, simply claiming that directing was more fun for him.


According to Vanity Fair, Peele took advantage of his winning the DGA Award for first time director to explain the real reason, and it has to do with The Emoji Movie. Peele did not appear in the animated film, but it was a near thing. He explained that he was offered the role of the Poop Emoji, and while his initial reaction was not complimentary, he decided to sleep on it. When he called his manager the next day, curious how much money he was being offered, Peele was informed that he missed his chance. Sir Patrick Stewart had already accepted the role.

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It goes without saying that Peele dodged a bullet when it comes to The Emoji Movie. The cartoon was poorly reviewed and is the most nominated animated film in the history of the Razzie Awards - including a nomination for Worst Picture. Instead of voicing Poop in one of the worst movies of the year, Peele is getting awards and nominations for directing one of the best. It's enough to make anyone chose directing - where they can control the final outcome - over acting.

Peele's reason for explaining his decision might be due to DGA Award host Judd Apatow bringing The Emoji Movie up in an insulting manner. In any case, Peele's plate is plenty full without adding any acting roles. He is hard at work on horror anthology series Lovecraft Country for HBO and is also working on his follow up to Get Out, which he joked in the same speech will be a sequel starring Angela Lansbury titled Get Out 2: Driving Miss Rosy. While his ability as a comedic actor will certainly be missed, clearly Peele still has plenty more tales to tell from behind the camera. And if Get Out is any indication, they will be tales worth being told.


Source: Vanity Fair

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