Jorah Mormont's 10 Most Heroic Moments

When it comes to Game of Thrones, it’s all about loyalty. Do you support House Stark or House Lannister? Are you Team Daenerys or Team Jon? Who do you root for when a major battle is going down? One character that hard not to love, no matter which side you’re on, is Jorah Mormont. The loyal advisor to Queen Daenerys, he began to follow her after fleeing from his own home, escaping death after disgracing his family for selling poachers to slavery. He has shown time and time again that he will do whatever it takes to pledge his allegiance to Dany - even taking a blade to the heart - in her honor.

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Iain Glen, the actor who plays Jorah, has caught the attention of others with his stellar performance. He will be playing Bruce Wayne (a.k.a.) Batman in the second season of DC Universe’s Titans. But back to GoT, let’s take a look back at Jorah’s 10 most heroic moments. Note that there are major spoilers ahead for the series, including the latest season 8 episodes. So read at your own risk!

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10 When He Stopped Viserys From Stealing the Dragon Eggs

Viserys came to a brutal end when melted gold was poured over his head to give him that golden crown he so desperately craved. But before that, Viserys almost got away with stealing Dany’s three dragon eggs.

That is, until Jorah caught him red-handed. Jorah didn’t have to raise a sword. All it took was a swift talking to, and Viserys slinked away like a scared little boy with his tail between his legs.

9 When He Saved Dany From Tainted Wine

Sure, the attempt on Dany’s life might have been Jorah’s fault in the first place, since it was he who was spying on her and delivering updates to Varys in King’s Landing. But he was smart enough to figure out that the note he received of a pardon meant something bad. It meant they were planning to hurt Dany. And he wasn’t having that.

Jorah stopped Dany from accepting the presumed gift of a casket of wine from a seemingly innocent wine seller. Turns out that sure enough, the wine seller was really an assassin sent from King’s Landing, and the wine was poisoned. Score another point for Jorah.

8 When He Followed Dany’s Orders Despite the Dothraki Dissent

When Dany gives an order, Jorah listens, no matter the consequences. That included stopping the Dothraki warriors from raping local women in Lhazar, even if Jorah knew it would end badly.

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Unfortunately, these are the events that led to Khal Drogo’s death as he, too, defended his woman and her beliefs. Either way, Jorah didn’t think twice about heroically stepping up and questioning the typical Dothraki ways.

7 When He Carries an In Labor Dany into the Tent to Give Birth

All in a day’s work. First, Jorah battles Qutho when he tries to stop the ceremony Duur the witch is holding in the tent to supposedly heal Drogo. Even the midwives are too scared to help Dany when it’s clear she’s going into labor, believing that she is cursed.

Cursed or not cursed, Jorah doesn’t care. He lovingly scoops her up in his arms and walks her straight into the tent, as she requests. If there were romantic music and a kiss at the end, you’d think this was a rom-com.

6 When He Speaks Up for Dany

It was a small moment, yet a truly heroic one. Only a badass like Jorah would have the gall to speak up in Dany’s defense to a mercenary captain of the Second Sons.

When the captain speaks in a sexually vulgar manner to her, Dany rolls her eyes and tries to ignore it. But Jorah is not interested in allowing this talk to continue. He tells the man to “mind his tongue,” hand on his sword to confirm that he really means it.

5 When He Jumps at the Chance to Fight

When Dany arrives in Meereen with her army of unsullied, Jorah is quick to offer his services to fight whatever champion they send to the gates. In the end, Dany chooses Daario to fight instead, not willing to risk the life of her most trusted advisor and friend.

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Nonetheless, Jorah would have done it in a heartbeat, making him a true hero even when he doesn’t have to lift a sword.

4 When He Kidnaps Tyrion to Take Him to Dany

When Jorah happens upon Tyrion as he’s wallowing in misery after being banished by Dany, he sees opportunity. He heroically kidnaps the “half man” in an attempt to deliver him to Queen Dany as a peace offering.

Turns out Tyrion was on his way to find Dany anyway. Even though Tyrion jokes with Jorah that Dany will probably thank Jorah then behead him for showing his face again, he goes on a mission to do it anyway, desperate to get back in the Queen’s good graces.

3 When He Takes to the Fighting Pits

In a last-ditch effort to get Dany back on his side, Jorah enters the fighting pits and single-handedly takes out five other men, including a Dothraki and a Meereenese champion, like he was practicing for the real fight. Once the fight has ended and it’s clear Jorah has some serious fighting skills, he launches a spear in Dany’s direction.

At first, she thinks he’s turned on her. But no, it’s revealed that he actually saved her life (yet again) as the spear strikes a Son of the Harpy who was sneaking up behind her to kill her.

2 Handling his Greyscale Like a Boss

After getting infected with greyscale while passing through Old Valyria, Jorah handles it like a boss, going to the Citadel to find a cure as he promised Dany he would instead of giving up.

Luckily, Samwell Tarly secretly tries an unorthodox and tedious method to stop the spread, which requires pulling off Jorah’s infected skin, bit by bit. No anesthesia, folks. As painful as it is, Jorah heroically endures the treatment in hopes that he can fulfill his promise to Dany and be officially cured.

1 Saving Dany in The Long Night

Just as it seems that Dany is doomed, falling from her dragon and hitting the ground smack-dab in the middle of a sea of wights, a knight in shining armor appears. Of course, it’s Jorah. During the Long Night, he heroically kills any wight that gets within a few feet of Dany like he’s protecting a precious jewel.

Sadly, he’s stabbed several times in the process – too many to survive. Jorah succumbs to his injuries. But he’s at peace as he dies, knowing that he fulfilled his vow to protect his Queen.

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