Jonathan Nolan Responds To 'The Dark Knight' Oscar Snubs

Ever since the Oscar nominations for 2009 were announced early on Thursday morning there has been debate, ranting and raving about the much loved The Dark Knight missing out on three major categories and whether or not they deserved to be nominated. They were, of course, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Score (check out fellow Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes' great article dealing with this very thing). Even though it still nabbed an impressive eight nominations those three are the ones which people feel disappointed that the film never received a nomination.

So what does someone, anyone, involved in the film feel about these snubs? Well none other than co-writer of the film and brother of the director Jonathan Nolan has let his thoughts be known (if this is indeed genuine... it may not be.. but we'll assume that is for now) by way of an e-mail to

hey - not sure who to address this to as it looks like a collective effort, but I just wanted to pass along my thanks.

It's truly humbling that you guys would take the time and effort to try to get the film recognized. I, like you, was disappointed that Chris didn't get some recognition this morning, but for Heath and so many of the people who worked so hard on this thing to get nominated is thrilling.

Any nominations for a comic book movie is a thing of beauty no matter how you slice it, and that takes the sting out a bit. Besides, I've been to the big show before, and, like any of these things, it's a little disappointing. Did you know it's not even an open bar once the show starts? At least this time I would have remembered to bring a little cash so I could buy myself a drink after losing.

The best part of this experience is seeing other people getting passionate about the film the way that we did. It has been a truly incredible experience. So thank you again.


jonah nolan

This was a great thing to hear from the co-screenwriter of the film. I think this is a good reminder for the fans that they're not alone in their disappointment but also that after all the film did get eight nominations - and it's a bloody comic-book movie! Let's not forget that amongst those eight was the much deserved nomination for the late Heath Ledger so that, on top of the seven others means it's not exactly the end of the world.

And just to make my opinion known to you all - do I think The Dark Knight deserved those nominations that it missed out on? For Best Director I would say yes and for Best Original Score definitely, but Best Picture? I share the opinion of a few others I have come across - I'm disappointed that it wasn't one of the big five nominated and think it's a missed opportunity for a comic-book movie to make history like that but at the same time I'm not up in arms about it.

The Dark Knight is still a fantastic film... a fantastic achievement. No matter if it gets one of those little gold statues or not.

Source: DarkCampaign

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