Jonah Lotan Pilots ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ Series; Casting Updates for 'Grimm,' 'Revenge,' and More

ABC casts major roles in two of its upcoming drama pilots, the ‘60s set ‘Pan Am’ and ‘Revenge,’ while NBC finds players for its crime dramas ‘Prime Suspect’ and ‘Grimm.’

Generation Kill actor Jonah Lotan has landed (no pun intended) the lead male role in ABC’s prospective jet-setting television drama Pan Am. The actor will portray Dean, the recently promoted captain of the Pan Am luxury plane, the Majestic.

While Lotan has had a handful of roles in moderately successful television programs and films, Pan Am will certainly be his highest-profile gig to date. Casting on the soap has heated up as of late with the news that film actress Christina Ricci is in talks to play a stewardess - alongside previous additions Margot Robbie and Michael Mosely.

Another ABC drama, Revenge, which is being sold as an update of the Alexandre Dumas adventure classic, The Count of Monte Cristo has added Gabriel Mann (The Bourne Identity, Mad Men). Mann will play a wealthy industrialist who, after falling out of favor amongst the Hamptons crowd, supports the show’s lead, Emily VanCamp (Brothers and Sisters) in her quest to gain retribution against the people who destroyed her family.

On the comedy side of things, ABC has also announced that Brooke D’Orsay (Royal Pains) will play actor Kyle Howard’s better half in the comedy pilot Smothered. In what sounds incredibly close to Dharma & Greg, the series revolves around a couple, Zack and Gillian, who can’t seem to escape their diametrically opposed parents.

Meanwhile, NBC has added two actors to its primetime police procedurals Prime Suspect and Grimm. Brian O’Byrne (FlashForward, Brotherhood) will join the remake of the U.K. series Prime Suspect starring Maria Bello in the role made famous by Helen Mirren. O’Byrne will play a detective in the precinct hell-bent on making life harder for Jane (Bello) as she fights for her place in the testosterone-driven workplace.

NBC remakes Prime Suspect with Maria Bello

Fresh off Caprica, Sasha Roiz has landed a place in the fantasy-based cop drama Grimm. Roiz will play the police captain to series star David Giuntoli, a police officer who begins to believe fairy tales are not just make believe, and discovers his role in defending people against the nastier aspects of storybook characters brought to life. As a former star of Caprica it is a little surprising that Roiz didn’t find a place on Ron D. Moore’s 17th Precinct, but perhaps that show is strictly reserved for Battlestar Galactica alumni.

Shows like Grimm and Pan Am, even if brought to series, may face too much competition with the plethora of similarly themed programs such as the aforementioned 17th Precinct and Poe, while Pan Am could prove to be a hard sell going up against the consistently lauded Mad Men and NBC’s similarly themed Playboy.

As these shows ramp up production, more news and casting details will develop quickly.

Source: Deadline

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