Jonah Hill May Join DiCaprio for Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Jonah Hill in Moneyball

Oscar-nominee (say it with us now...) Jonah Hill continues to branch out into pure dramatic acting territory, following his turn in last year's lauded Moneyball adaptation. In addition to his upcoming role in the true-story based flick titled... well, True Story, Hill is now eying a role in another high-profile project based on real events: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Wolf of Wall Street was rumored to become the fifth collaboration between actor-director duo Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese for well over a year - until the project was finally, officially confirmed just a couple of weeks ago (from the time of writing this).

The film is based on Jordan Belfort's memoir (of the same name), wherein the disgraced Wall Street penny stock broker recounts his larger-than-life exploits during the last decade of the 20th century. Following Belfort's founding of the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont in 1990, the man would go on to make a living for several years, reaping thousands of dollars a minute - and blowing it on extravagant purchases (170-foot yachts, Gulfstream jets), six-digit hotel tabs, drugs and prostitutes, along with other items commonly associated with a "hard-partying" lifestyle.

According to THR, should Hill sign on for Wolf of Wall Street, he would portray Danny Porush, the eventual best friend and business partner to Belfort - who is convinced to abandon his career in furniture sales "and enter the lucrative yet volatile world of stock brokering."

Needless to say, those plans eventually backfire on the pair.

[caption id="attachment_129483" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Scorsese and DiCaprio are reuniting for 'Wolf of Wall Street'"][/caption]

DiCaprio and Scorsese both read as great fits to handle a fascinating, true-life character study like Wolf of Wall Street. As for Hill: so long as he brings the same restraint (re: none of his customary comedy schtick) that he demonstrated while playing "Peter Brand" in Moneyball - to the corrupted Danny Porush in Scorsese's new project, then he should prove to be a fine addition to the party.

Similarly, if the prospect of Scorsese overseeing yet another tale about an (in)famous, public, criminal figure with a skewed sense of morality and priorities (a la Henry Hill in Goodfellas, "Sam Rothstein" in Casino) isn't enough - Wolf of Wall Street is being adapted for the big screen by screenwriter Terence Winter, the creator of Boardwalk Empire (and one of the masterminds behind The Sopranos).

Needless to say, Wolf of Wall Street could find both Scorsese and Winter operating at the top of their game. That should especially hold true with latter, as this project will provide Winter with an opportunity to craft the sort of interesting character study he feels is woefully under-appreciated around Hollywood nowadays.

The Wolf of Wall Street is slated to begin production this fall.


Source: THR

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