Jonah Hex Trailer

Jonah Hex first trailer

In what seems like a long overdue release, the first trailer has finally hit the Web for the upcoming comic book movie Jonah Hex. And we have the trailer below for you to watch.

Just as a reminder, here's the official synopsis for Jonah Hex as IMDB has it:

The U.S. military makes a scarred bounty hunter with warrants on his own head an offer he cannot refuse: in exchange for his freedom, he must stop a terrorist who is ready to unleash Hell on Earth.

The first trailer has hit right on schedule and you can check it out below thanks to Yahoo:

If you want you can watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.

There were things I liked about the trailer  -  from  the look of Jonah Hex  (the scar make-up is wicked) and the overall look and feel of the film, to some of the action sequences shown. However, there were also things I didn't like, particularly the overload of one-liners. Perhaps that's just the way the trailer has been edited and in the actual movie they will be sparse. But it seemed like the action was brought to a halt every 10 seconds so that Josh Brolin or Megan Fox could throw in a little jokey one-liner for no reason.

We'll leave it to you guys to debate the "Megan Fox Factor" of the film.

Jonah Hex stars Josh Brolin as the titular scarred anti-hero. It co-stars Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett and Michael Shannon. It's written by Mark Nevaldine and Brian Taylor (Crank) and is directed by Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears A Who!).

What did you think of the trailer? Does the movie seem better than you'd expected, or worse than you feared?

Jonah Hex hits theaters this summer on June 18th, 2010.

Source: Yahoo

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