Jonah Hex Reshoots Underway

Making a film is very much like real life. However, in real life you can’t go back and fix your mistakes. In the world of film you can edit and then go back in for a reshoot.

That’s exactly what Jonah Hex is doing right now. The Josh Brolin/ Megan Fox starrer is now undergoing some reshoots and some eager snappers have taken a few shots of the cast (back) on set.

Spoiler TV has quite a few images of Brolin and Fox standing around and looking pretty on the current set of Jonah Hex. There’s not much else to see, but at least they haven’t decided to ditch the period setting and set the film in space!

Here’s a couple pics for your (ahem) "viewing pleasure":


Jonah Hex is undergoing 10 days of reshoots that should incorporate another 12 script pages into the film.

Jimmy Hayward is directing the film - although I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence was brought in to act as “consultant” for the reshoots, much like when Superman director Richard Donner was allegedly brought in to “consult” for Wolverine director Gavin Hood during reshoots on that film (and we all know how Wolverine turned out).

If you like the pics above, then visit Spoiler TV for a few more images.

Jonah Hex stars Brolin, Fox and Michael Fassbender. It opens on June 18th 2010.

Source: Spoiler TV

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